Last Two In A Sentence

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  • Different from the last two.
  • None for the last two hours.
  • The last two are the most difficult.
  • They should last two months.
  • The stoppage is to last two hours.
  • I have been looking for it myself for the last two hours.
  • But only the last two were out on its forward verge.
  • These last two animals he had shot.
  • The last two were town officers.
  • Much aurora during the last two days.
  • I have now answered your last two letters.
  • The last two uses are frequent.
  • The last two words explain all.
  • Her voice lingered on the last two words.
  • The last two who entered were entirely dissimilar.
  • The reverse preserves the last two melodies.
  • The last two words seemed to be an afterthought.
  • I have ammunition enough to last two weeks.
  • Shea emphatically capitalized these last two words.
  • The last two easily followed from the first.
  • Repeat last two rows until you have 27 rows in all.
  • I have been thinking much for the last two days.
  • She had bored herself so prodigiously the last two days.
  • There was distinct emphasis on the last two words.
  • The last two words were rapped out sharply.
  • The last two appear relatively rarely.
  • These last two have perhaps been over-celebrated.
  • The last two words were peculiarly illuminating.
  • I have been on the look-out for the last two hours.
  • The last two words he flung out with a heavy defiance.
  • She uttered the last two words with a conscious effort.
  • The memory of the last two hours was wiped out utterly.
  • The last two hundred yards was a pilgrimage of pain.
  • For the last two hours he had sat in his room and waited.
  • Add to these the last two sections of p. 201.

How To Use Last Two In A Sentence?

  • But for the last two years his health had begun to fail.
  • The last two words should be said loudly with a start.
  • She knew he meant the last two words to be provocative.
  • The last two were smaller colonies than the first two.
  • The last two panfuls contained a considerable amount.
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