Last Year In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Last Year | Last Year Sentence

  • Last year they were six.
  • Last year it was awful.
  • Last year she was my servant.
  • Last year he had been tried once or twice.
  • This was in the last year of his life.
  • Might it not have been my family of last year?
  • I saw her only last year.
  • That was the way we did last year.
  • In the same business he was last year?
  • Better music than last year.
  • We were so all right last year.
  • This was the last year of the series.
  • How different it was from last year!
  • She did the study last year.
  • During the last year also.
  • I hired from him last year.
  • I had an adventure last year.
  • Last year my rooks were punctual to a day.
  • We had a charming meeting last year.
  • Do you remember this time last year?
  • Four united with the church in the last year.
  • She was a good one last year.
  • He is not worse now than when he came down here last year.
  • Jim had passed his examination during the last year.
  • Remember that gimmick he built last year?
  • They were eighteen the end of last year.
  • Just as you offered it to us last year.
  • People sign them now who refused to do so last year.
  • This had mounted rapidly in the last year.
  • He had failed in mastery this last year or so.
  • For the man changed in that last year.
  • Ben had acquired poise in this last year.
  • Somebody stole my umbrella last year.
  • Last year three girls keeled.
  • Peer told him that he had been to the village last year.

How To Use Last Year In A Sentence?

  • The other skins were all new last year.
  • She has been a thorn in our side for the last year.
  • And last year he refused half a million.
  • The change within this last year has been great.
  • I went to that too, last year.
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