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  • Established late in 1912.
  • To speak too hardly of your late behavior?
  • It was late at night before we entered the harbor.
  • In laden orchards on late summer days.
  • We found him; too late to do any good.
  • The crossing of that bridge took till late into the night.
  • It grows late too, and they may miss their way.
  • How desirous were they of the late Peace?
  • It was very late when I awoke.
  • Established 1910 by the late Edouard Nieuport.
  • We were so much pleased with each other that we sat until a late hour.
  • This day too late you'll wish for her in vain.
  • Too late for the spring round-up and too early for the fall harvest.
  • Mr. Price had gone out late in the afternoon, and had not come in.
  • It got to be so late before he came back that I got real uneasy about him.
  • Perhaps it is not too late for tea, or may I get you a glass of wine?
  • I was taking a meal there, one day, at a rather late hour, in the public room.
  • And so I was; and this time I was not too late for my own tea at home.
  • It was late at night when they reached Ali Pasha's camp.
  • M'Pherson had a comfortable meal prepared for him, late as it was.

How To Use Late In A Sentence?

  • It was late in the afternoon when he started from the depot for the new quarters.
  • It seems that her late brother was in the same school a couple of years before me.
  • He knew that he was a ruined man, and that it was too late to retrieve his ruin.
  • The sitting-room, however, bore the more striking vestiges of its late proprietor.
  • He cares not you should know of his return, And dreads your sight because of his late trespass.
  • He spoke of my late uncle with the greatest irreverence, which I could easily forgive.
  • The late King had a sincere Esteem for her, and she in return paid him very great Respect.
  • Early and late the faithful black hands were toiling for the children of the man whom he had so devotedly loved.
  • And that was what they did do, along in the afternoon, when it was quite too late for them to be of any service that day.
  • Wednesday morning we got up rather late and had breakfast about 1/2 past nine o'clock.
  • Fatima and I therefore felt greatly discomposed by our late and disturbing entrance, though we were in no way to blame.
  • As it was now growing late we parted for the evening; though I felt anxious to know more of this practical philosopher.
  • The cuckoo clock in the hall struck midnight; every one pressed to depart, for seldom was such a late hour trespassed on by these quiet burghers.
  • It was late in the dusk of evening that Tom Walker reached the old fort, and he paused there for a while to rest himself.
  • I accordingly left my asylum late one night, repaired to the appointed place of meeting; took the oaths prescribed, and became one of the troop.
  • Come back to Fairburn, and I will behave towards you as though you had not acted in your late undutiful manner.
  • I lay very late in bed, and as I lay there I no more believed the events of yesterday than if they had been a dream.
  • Yes, sleep is the best thing for you, Archie; you had better sleep all the time now; it will be too late to wake up to-morrow.
  • After having converted the seeming discrepancy between the divine power and human agency into a real contradiction, it is too late to endeavour to reconcile them.
  • They were the late stayers about the beach, and had the lights been left on and the ticket office open many of them no doubt would have entered the playhouse.

Definition of Late

Near the end of a period of time. | Specifically, near the end of the day. | (usually not used comparatively) Associated with the end of a period.
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