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  • Till then he could ward them off, and he had been fighting them to the latest second.
  • For in many such parts of England it is the aristocrats who are the latest arrivals.
  • He wore a light summer suit of the latest fashion, and had a ruby ring on his little finger.
  • The public tone toward the latest manifestation of our "war policy" was punctiliously correct.
  • And, silently rejoicing, sees himself The latest link of this illustrious chain!
  • During the next week, Bright-Wits spent much of his time on the solution of this latest problem.
  • Most of the pieces are dated, the earliest in January, 1761, the latest February 15, 1763.
  • I base this assertion upon the fact that all of them appeared to be on duty at the time of my latest visit.
  • And now they stood together at the station waiting for the evening cars and the latest news from the front.
  • Yet this idea has been put into practise in building the latest types of aerial dreadnaughts used for reconnaissance.
  • It was this latest manoeuvre that aggravated the natural topheaviness of the chair, and endangered its balance.
  • One of the latest instances happened to a king well known for his sneering skepticism and his utter disbelief of all higher powers.
  • A series of books for young people that contains the latest and best works of the most popular writers for boys and girls.
  • The nave was not built till the end of the fourteenth century, and is therefore one of the latest parts of the church.
  • He will bring with him the plan of his latest defenses of a town on the east coast, which our cruiser squadron purpose to bombard.
  • It was pleasant to be in a big camp again, to join a large mess, and get the latest news from headquarters.
  • It was a superb machine, evidently of the latest type, and in its graceful lines suggested in some vague way a resemblance to its owner.
  • Our latest case, however, was entered by the captain of a sailing vessel, who reported that they had picked the man up from a raft.
  • It aims to present the best and latest American practice in the mechanical arts, and to compare the same with that of other nations.
  • Menard was made to stay and dine, in order that Madame could draw from him a long account of his latest adventures on the frontier.
  • That she was exceedingly clever and well-informed I at once detected by her terse and smart criticism of the latest play, which we discussed.
  • According to its latest code, with few or no exceptions, the end justifies the means, and, if necessary to success, it is right to do wrong.
  • Sheen was too busy with his work and his boxing to have much leisure for mourning over this latest example of the present inefficiency of the school.
  • During the Bristol riots the arrival of the mail every morning was eagerly awaited by persons far and near, anxious to hear the latest news.
  • I was overcome by the kindly sympathy of Eumolpus, and was especially sorry for the latest injury I had done him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Latest | Latest Sentence

  • Here are the latest returns.
  • One was his latest wife.
  • Midnight was the latest time allowed for my return home.
  • This was the latest story of a very long life on record.
  • But his latest antagonist discarded science, and won.
  • Its latest news was the Spectator and the Tatler.
  • Compiled from latest British Official Publications.
  • The latest victim of his tyranny is Lady Saint Pauli.
  • This latest development of the affair was certainly most remarkable.
  • I believe now that he hatched this latest scheme when she refused him.
  • The latest step was to call in the aid of steam to agriculture.
  • It was growing latest autumn, but still we had had no frosts.
  • He would drop in at any odd hour to discuss his latest enterprise.
  • I could have given him the very latest intelligence; but I dared not.
  • I bless thee with a human heart; God shield thee to thy latest years!

Definition of Latest

superlative form of late: most late | (now rare, poetic) Last, final. | Most recent.
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