Laudable in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Laudable

1. It is most laudable of him. 🔊

2. Day-dreams are laudable only when they come true. 🔊

3. For once the press had exercised laudable restraint. 🔊

4. I felt that they originated in laudable habits and views. 🔊

5. He is a laudable object of attrition for the development of your character. 🔊

6. Of course everything was said to encourage this laudable desire for knowledge. 🔊

7. But surely this laudable forbearance might be justly extended to young poets. 🔊

8. Mr. Bryan's voice expressed tried but laudable patience. 🔊

9. As for the nine hundred dollars, I appropriated it to laudable purposes. 🔊

How to use Laudable in Sentences?

1. It was resolved that a subscription should be set on foot with this laudable object. 🔊

2. Behind almost all these letters there lies a laudable desire to achieve success. 🔊

3. Does not this savour of a vain research, or of a laudable thirst for knowledge? 🔊

4. It was laudable to seek a refuge from the well-meant persecutions of those who governed the city. 🔊

5. I never saw in the rebukes of my neighbours any thing but laudable abhorrence of vice. 🔊

6. I wish that I had something that would add to the literary value of your laudable enterprise. 🔊

7. His laudable purpose had been to go through all the claims against him, so far as they had been presented. 🔊

8. But this laudable purpose was quite driven from his mind by the discovery which greeted his eyes when he arrived there. 🔊

9. This desire of securing the safety of the actors in the present scene is owing to more laudable motives. 🔊

10. Cubism expressed a laudable tendency toward an aristocratic vision as opposed to the popular vision of reality. 🔊

11. Into this laudable and non-infectious state these two persons present come now to be joined and quarantined. 🔊

12. Look at the wasteful abundance of a prison dietary, and the laudable economy which half-starves the workhouse. 🔊

13. It had been helpful and even laudable to play-act the chief scenes when the story was beginning, but now they had no time. 🔊