Laughed In A Sentence

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  • Lumley laughed again.
  • Apafi laughed heartily.
  • Millicent herself laughed heartily at this.
  • Stephen laughed and coloured.
  • She laughed a little.
  • Constance laughed easily.
  • Benham laughed as he rose to go.
  • Renouard laughed with stony eyes.
  • She laughed and went ashore.
  • Clay had only laughed at his declarations of innocence.
  • And she laughed a little wildly.
  • Corinna laughed with frank pleasure.
  • They laughed with cruelty at my impotent rage.
  • At this he laughed aloud with an indecorous mirth.
  • Renouard laughed again abruptly, staring as before.
  • I laughed too; it was a most contagious spell.
  • Vetch laughed without replying directly to her question.
  • As she expected, the girl laughed a quick negative.
  • MacRae laughed dryly.
  • The Judge laughed softly.
  • Oh, how I laughed again!
  • Mr. Wilson laughed good-humoredly.
  • At this all the gentlemen laughed still more loudly than before.
  • She laughed again with the lack of merriment he had noticed before.
  • She shook her head and then laughed her rippling laugh at herself.
  • Beldi laughed heartily, and both the women exchanged a smile.
  • At the sound of the name the young man threw back his head and laughed softly.
  • She laughed heartily, showing one or two of her twinkling teeth.
  • Millicent laughed again, as we went on, at the idea of her living alone.
  • The Governor laughed and settled back in his big leather-covered chair.
  • Jessie snatched up the whip, and I laughed as I invited Frank to go on.
  • The people laughed--but, by George, they laughed with me!

How To Use Laughed In A Sentence?

  • Reverend laughed awkwardly at what was a rather ambiguous jest so far as he was concerned.
  • The secretly unforgiving journalist laughed a little longer and then ceased to shake all over.
  • She laughed a little hysterically, out of the deep shadows between the gloomy mat walls.
  • He had laughed at her fears, but he was very sorry, too; for when she took any notion in her head it was impossible to argue her out of it.
  • The girl laughed a tinkling laugh which showed her faultless little white teeth and waved her hand in quite the foreign manner.
  • He laughed at her, and told her that he had abandoned the modern method of winning a mate, and gone back to the primitive mode.
  • Banfi laughed good-humouredly, but Kuncz did not seem to regard the matter as particularly entertaining.
  • I laughed out, with the most perfect sympathy in her sentiment; and then she laughed, and looked at me exactly as an infant does in mirthful play.

Definition of Laughed

simple past tense and past participle of laugh
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