Laughingly In A Sentence

Definition of Laughingly

With laughter or merriment. | With derision.

How To Use Laughingly In A Sentence?

  • Pretending to be amused at the antics of the performers she advanced laughingly towards them.
  • Gallardo left the group of devotees who had laughingly witnessed this performance.
  • Alice laughingly answered that she had never before felt heartier or in finer spirits.
  • Gorakh obeyed, but not before he had laughingly made two more signs in the air.
  • I urged him to shoot me as he had the ox, but he laughingly replied that that would hardly do.
  • Seeing this, her father proposed to carry her, but she laughingly declined the proposal.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Laughingly | Laughingly Sentence

  • Hall laughingly refused.
  • The other laughingly complied.
  • So we all laughingly did what he had asked.
  • Sandy laughingly held his arm.
  • Hinton laughingly shook his head.
  • Daisy had more than once laughingly said she liked him.
  • Her father turned laughingly to her.
  • Jack laughingly gave his consent.
  • The policeman laughingly shook his head.
  • Louise had laughingly refused to tell her recipe.
  • Then the people laughingly consented to let me go.
  • One laughingly proposed to sit at a side table and did so.
  • The young mother said this laughingly and carelessly.
  • He glanced down laughingly at his travel-stained garments.
  • Bill laughingly extended his hand, which the other took.
  • I laughingly asked, notwithstanding my annoyance.
  • She turned laughingly to Stewart.
  • I asked laughingly as I looked straight into her eyes.
  • Sir Albert laughingly bowed and swung on without stopping.
  • Hibbert thought laughingly of that conflict he used to imagine.
  • Lynda had laughingly called her friend frivolous and defended her wardrobe.
  • Now laughingly she was pretending to assist the porter in lifting his burden.
  • She laughingly turned to him from the steps and stretched forth her hand.
  • She protested, but he was laughingly determined and she yielded.
  • Mamma laughingly consented and the flies almost immediately dissapeared.
  • Jimmy laughingly protested, but she waved him out and followed at his heels.
  • She leant back in her chair and looked laughingly at the young man.
  • Once more, as she leaped a fence, she looked laughingly back.
  • Dick laughingly assented, then grasped his father's hand.
  • Skip, now," and he laughingly shooed them on deck.
  • Then they pass laughingly and mockingly on through the splendor to Walhalla.
  • Flora spoke laughingly of Ella's perturbation.
  • Charvet laughingly called Clemence an aristocrat because she drank grog.
  • She, too, caught it and examined it, and laughingly shook her head.

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