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  • He decided to risk launching a boat from the lighthouse.
  • Eskimo launching a seal harpoon by means of the throwing-stick.
  • For example, there was that about a face launching a thousand ships.
  • Some of them were busy launching a little boat, and
  • "Oh, they are launching a big basket!"
  • --Launching a galley

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  • The organizers replied by launching a vigorous campaign to get them into the unions.
  • Just within the foam of the breakers a half dozen men were launching a small boat.
  • As an outcome of these first trials the Caledonian Company are launching a second turbine vessel.
  • Not a soul did he encounter until he reached the beach, when he came upon two sailors, launching a rowing boat.
  • With much labor they finally released the colt, who expressed prompt gratitude by launching a swift and vicious kick at Collie.
  • He had only a story to ascend and he made it in record time, fearful that the searchers whom he heard now launching a boat below would turn their eyes skywards.
  • Bonifacio stood in the doorway, with raised arm and clenched hand, as if he were launching a thunderbolt of vengeance at the devoted head of her brother.
  • His attention seemed divided between a group of men in oilskins engaged in launching a motor pinnace, and the movements of a war-craft standing off some distance astern.
  • In the new confidence in himself he was surprised at his own ability in launching a subject in the presence of his eminent friends when especially Kate was on hand to support the conversation.
  • However, Washo tradition repeatedly mentions a month-long period during which doctors gathered and made medicine against the enemy before launching a campaign.
  • No other course being open, he determined on launching a canvas boat and making an effort to sail down the Namoi, to see what fortune had in store for him.
  • At such times, after their intoxication was over, they went to the shore of the river or sea; and, after launching a small boat, the baylan jumped into it, at the same time making his lying conjurations.
  • Meanwhile Nigel and Kathy, with sketch-books under their arms, went down to where the clear waters of the lagoon rippled on the white sand, and, launching a cockleshell of a boat, rowed out toward the islets.
  • The Russians north of Przemysl are launching a series of the most desperate attacks against General von Mackensen's army.
  • Even if we had been able to contrive a cover for the sledges in such a manner that a boat could have been got ready in a short space of time, it would not have been such quick work as simply launching a ready-made kayak.
  • All these casualties, and many others, did they talk over, but never once launching a doubt as to the issue, or ever dreaming that the day was not to reverse all the late past, and bring back the Austrians in triumph to Milan.
  • I cannot explain how it happened, but in a very short time the story had gone the round of the clubs and drawing-rooms, and I found myself launched as a lion of the largest size--if it is strictly correct to speak of launching a lion.
  • They are with Hammond now, launching a coal-boat, or I'd never have got off with you."
  • This day and the following night we sailed along the coast, and on the seventh morning thought we discovered a city at no great distance: with a good deal of trouble we cast an anchor into the sea, which soon reached the bottom; then launching a boat which stood upon the deck
  • "There is nothing," he says, "like launching a young couple gaily, and cheering them from the shore; a good outset is half the voyage.
  • "There is nothing," he says, "like launching a young couple gayly, and cheering them from the shore; a good outset is half the voyage."
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