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  • Money had been spent here with a lavish hand.
  • His bounty was lavish and open-handed.
  • It was apparently on a scale lavish for those days.
  • And would upon you lavish his great wealth.
  • He was a whole-souled, generous, lavish fellow.
  • She must not be lavish of indulgence which may be misunderstood.
  • Therefore that lavish scattering of beauty without regard to man.
  • These hut builders and road makers had been lavish of sign-posts.
  • Meanwhile, his lavish hospitality carried him lower and lower into poverty.
  • No richer gift has Autumn poured From out her lavish horn.

How To Use Lavish In A Sentence?

  • I mean that they lavish gifts on those whom they hunt in addition to other inducements.
  • People who are lavish of advice are seldom guilty of any other act of generosity.
  • Lousteau knelt down by her and kissed her hands with a lavish display of coaxing and petting.
  • The vulgarest and most material of Circes held sway among all this gaudy and lavish disorder.
  • Everybody knew that the Kaiser liked to have Ambassadors who entertained on a lavish scale.
  • Bound with a white fillet, her rich black hair, of lavish length, lay back in glistening waves.
  • It was the lavish generosity of popes, princes, and nobles, that caused the ruin of the Templars.
  • Her charms doth nature pour, Or beauties lavish as on thee, Thou world in miniature?
  • It is chronicled to her credit that all her expenditure was not upon herself alone, but that she was equally lavish when she attempted charity.
  • His chapel was a marvel of splendour, and was furnished with gold and silver plate in the most lavish manner.
  • Many seem to suppose, that those who are wealthy, have a right to be lavish and negligent in the care of expenses.
  • The father thinks the time long till he can take his infant in his arms, and lavish his love upon it.
  • The old knight smiled gravely, thanked the bearer of the message, and rewarded him with lavish hand.
  • How kind she was to that young man; but Tante had always been lavish with those of whom she was fond.
  • Germany was very lavish with her gold at the start, and the French believed that it was an assistance in her military strategy.
  • The world had given of its best with a lavish hand, for here was not only the gold to pay for, but the wit to appreciate, perfection.
  • The critics were fulsome in their praise and the public was lavish with its plaudits, but I was abjectly miserable.
  • Among the extraordinarily lavish uses of gold and gems is a golden globe twenty inches in diameter, turning on a frame of solid gold.
  • So lavish is the employment of oak, that, when this place was built, surely one thinks a forest must have been felled.
  • Seldom, outside the pages of French fiction, had there been so lavish and public a display of mistresses.
  • Sinclair had always been lavish with presents; brides were remembered by Sinclair, and babies were not forgotten.
  • The foreign policy of England, though ambitious and lavish of money, has not often been generous or just.
  • The same Board of Guardians was most lavish in its relief to any man evicted for declining to pay his rent.
  • His frank, loyal disposition, his generosity, his lavish hospitality, his winning manners, had insured him general popularity.
  • It was the German government that, by lavish expenditure, and by every means known to it, encouraged experiment and progress.
  • His grandson Lorenzo won the title of the Magnificent for his lavish generosity and superb plans for the advancement of art and learning.
  • All that is most lavish and most ingenious in the imaginative power and the executive ability of man had been laid under contribution to produce the effect which now enthralled his senses.
  • Sikorsky was a man of wealth but so recklessly did he lavish his personal funds on his airplane ventures that on many occasions he came very near to want as a result.
  • Here all who came were treated with a lavish hand, and the wayfarer found a welcome as he stopped to admire the flowers which grew before the portals.
  • The journals in their interest no longer lavish on the freeholding blacks the abuse with which they once teemed, even after the writer went to the island.

Definition of Lavish

Expending or bestowing profusely; profuse; prodigal. | Superabundant; excessive | (transitive) To give out extremely generously; to squander.
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