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  • He was to gain her lawfully after dominating her utterly.
  • Why can not payment be lawfully claimed for gratuitous services?
  • No man can be lawfully bound to do what is not in the power of man to do.
  • No person can lawfully remarry who has a wife or husband living.
  • In these days of lawfully accepted dishonor revenge is not talked about.
  • Whatever he may lawfully originate he may lawfully endeavor to accomplish.
  • No State upon its own mere motion can lawfully get out of the Union.
  • And, were it lawfully thine own, Does Rogers want it most, or thou?

How To Use Lawfully In A Sentence?

  • Thus the great abbey which he had built was not lawfully his own until the day of his burial.
  • Psychologically it is to be regarded as a complex effect of lawfully related social reactions.
  • There is not a fact or doctrine which you may not lawfully doubt if you doubt hell.
  • And the author is confronted by artistic phenomena for which lawfully he may not claim credit.
  • With what easement he decides that he may lawfully put off some task till the morrow!
  • He was now the last of his family, without any ties that he could not lawfully break.
  • But the gift in itself is a pure and precious one, if lawfully and rightfully used.
  • We hold no arbitrary authority over anything, whether acquired lawfully or seized by usurpation.
  • They may lawfully be fought with, and brought under, whenever an advantage offers.
  • When dey married de master could pick up any old kind of paper and call it lawfully married.
  • By running away, she forfeited her life, which might be lawfully taken by the husband.
  • How far parents may lawfully interfere is a question not yet decided, nor yet easy to decide.
  • Whatever may be lawfully given and is contracted to be given, shall not, after gift, be resumed.
  • That seems to be the chief, most delightful, and only lawfully indulged emotion of the Puritan.
  • Yet he, who from the shore the wreck descries, May lawfully enrich him with the prize.
  • I draw the line at anarchists, and would put them all to death if I lawfully could.
  • No State," said he, "upon its own mere motion can lawfully get out of the Union....
  • We must not forget that in our journey through life, there are burdens which we may lawfully make our own.
  • In both of these the Democrats maintained that their candidates for governor had been lawfully elected.
  • So soon as it becomes generally known that he cannot be lawfully held to its performance, the credit will be denied.
  • The very fact of his doing it made him lawfully a subject for some of the epithets Ashley applied to him.
  • In defending his person in case of a felonious assault, he may lawfully take the life of his assailant.
  • There is no balance of influence any where, that can lawfully be employed, except in the strong arm of authority.
  • He declared that the death penalty, which on principle he disapproved, might in some instances be lawfully inflicted.
  • We are accused of inhumanity because in our homes a female child may be done away with at birth, lawfully and without dishonour.
  • I am an honest gentleman of unquestioned parentage, and have already sent in my demand for the coat-of-arms that is lawfully mine.
  • It was not a case where an arbitrary removal was justifiable, such as may lawfully take place when it becomes necessary to abate a nuisance.
  • The British public will probably stand more from their lawfully ordained rulers than any other public on earth.
  • If, as you intimate, she is a hermit's daughter, you cannot lawfully ask her in marriage.
  • Until that time, no power, national or local, could lawfully interfere with the introduction of slaves.
  • But how can it be argued that the Government may be required to restore to the enemy prizes lawfully taken in war?
  • But, we may lawfully ask, will not this peace bring with it a special danger, against which we ought to take precautions?

Definition of Lawfully

Conforming to the law; legally
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