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  • We shall roll the lawns no more.
  • It was a large hotel with lovely lawns and a swimming pool.
  • Mrs. Nailor drove Keith out to The Lawns that afternoon.
  • Shrubberies had disappeared, and lawns had been thrown together.
  • Its spacious green lawns and elm-shaded walks were the pride of the town.
  • Humble sweet-smelling violets covered the lawns with a carpet of richest hue.
  • For she guessed they were entering the lawns in front of the Hon.
  • I shall always think of Vermont as the State of wild lawns and gardens.
  • He had just arrived from The Lawns when Mrs. Lancaster came down to dinner.

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  • On every part of the public lawns the revels were conducted after the native fashion.
  • The statues on the lawns were rubbed down after the heavy rains and dusted as carefully in summer.
  • You remember that wonderful street of lawns and trees with a perfect specimen of an old church?
  • We had a view of a beautiful-looking country, as if formed by art into lawns and parks.
  • So without demur she followed Nugent round the house to the lawns and gardens at the back.
  • Instead, they should keep to clinging, draping materials, sheer lawns and shining silks.
  • The concrete walks, macadamized roadways, and well kept yards and lawns evince thrift.
  • The grounds were extensive, and the gently rolling lawns suggested an English landscape.
  • The lawns and gardens which yesterday had had the air of waiting for the spring were to-day a sudden wilderness.
  • The lawns and gardens were brilliant with color, and the hills on the other side of the water were purple with heather.
  • Antony went out of the house again to the lawns at the back, and sat down on a bench in view of the office windows.
  • I roamed through the three lawns that were better to me than pleasures and palaces, and stood among the box-edged gardens.
  • Here was many a beautiful house and charming villa, in whose gardens or lawns lovely children were playing.
  • The nursery window was a good look-out, commanding the lawns and garden and with the tennis court to one side.
  • It was a suburban town a dozen miles from the city, with a picturesque station, surrounded by lawns and cement walks.
  • Being free from the devastation of war at home, she has been able to convert the great lawns of her parks and country estates into grain-fields.
  • There were fine old-fashioned walled-in gardens and lawns to play in besides, so that on the whole it was a kind of ideal place.
  • The houses are clean and comfortable looking, with well-kep' lawns and gardens about 'em and flowering shrubs.
  • One often sees this tree planted on lawns of limited extent, and so near the street as to render utterly absurd its invitation to privacy.
  • Here, in a quiet house, amid lawns and leafy elms, he gave himself with indefatigable ardour to the art of writing.
  • They had come to the windows of the locked room, French windows which opened on to the lawns at the back of the house.
  • In this garden there are smooth lawns and dainty flower-beds, winding walks and blossomy banks, trellised arbours and shady groves.
  • In externals, Portland is an attractive city, with the trees in its streets and the lawns about its houses and its wonderful roses.
  • The green lawns and towering camphor trees of Tjibodas suggest the spellbound beauty of some enchanted spot, unprofaned by human foot.
  • The general effect of the lawns and gardens round the exquisite old house is English, or would be, if they were better kept.
  • The old Abbey also was walled in; lawns and flower beds were spread about the broken stones, and where the walls might totter they were supported.
  • Across the lawns between the bushes from hedge to hedge the veil of the obscuring light was coming in; and through it the avenue of willows marched darkly.
  • The various lawns were divided by thick shrubberies, so that you wandered on from one to the other, and always came on something new.
  • Eileen glanced pensively at the green lawns and the flower-gardens which flowed past the car, and her eyes returned to his face with a question in them.
  • In these new lawns of Helicon he made a new home for his books, and tried to forget in their company the tumults that had driven him from Italy.
  • The first darkening shadows of an August night crept over the lawns of Oaklands, and settled about the turrets of the house like a mist.

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plural of lawn
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