Lazily In A Sentence

Definition of Lazily

In a lazy manner.

How To Use Lazily In A Sentence?

  • She rose and fell lazily over a glassy swell flawed here and there by catspaws from astern.
  • The brown pelican is seen in great numbers sailing lazily over the water and dipping for fish.
  • The girl saw no sign of living thing save a buzzard that swept lazily across the zenith.
  • Early in the afternoon, as the boat slipped lazily over the gentle ocean swell, he died.
  • I fell back in my chair, with my face directed to the ceiling, and my arms hanging lazily down.
  • But woolly, white cloud banks sailed lazily aloft, intensifying by contrast the blue of the sky.
  • The Foreign Secretary lifted his eyes lazily from his papers and pretended to yawn.
  • From its top lazily floated a silk flag embroidered with the Chinese Royal arms.
  • Cattle are lazily lying dotted over the meadows, and the stream is done in a setting of green and gold.
  • The wheels revolved lazily and then she was off, dragging a luminous wake of myriads of evanescent diamonds.
  • He stepped at length lazily out of bed, and when he felt his feet, again yawned and stretched himself.
  • There was beauty in the thin, blue line of smoke as it climbed lazily upward from the broken chimney.
  • The sun was warm, and cloud-shadows drifted lazily across the coulee with the breeze that blew from the west.
  • A band of gypsies seated on the grass about a mile from the city limits, were lazily washing their breakfast dishes.
  • We helped him to load the carcass of the deer on the back of his donkey, and saw him move off lazily towards home.
  • But they saw only shafts of sunlight running into bottomless depths, and occasionally some oceanic creature floating lazily far below.
  • She would stare hard at the latter lying so lazily amongst her cushions, and narrowly search the smiling face.
  • I spent the time lying lazily on the sand with half shut eyelids, and basking in the inexpressible charm of sea and sky.
  • A pleasant breeze came sweeping lazily over the lake, and went sighing and moaning among the old forest trees.
  • They pitched their camp on a little rising ground, near a slow meandering stream that crept lazily across the miniature desert.
  • The gate of the fort stood open, a sentry was leaning lazily against the wall, a portion of which leant in turn against nothing.
  • Phoebe sat up on the edge of the bed, lazily stretching for a moment, as a pretty bird stretches its leg along its wing.
  • Dawn was breaking, and its woolly light crept lazily in at the little window, past the lamp that still burned on the window board.
  • The shiftless, lanky goose-herd came forth in time, and lazily drove his scattered flock off into the lower glen.
  • All the while the shark, having found a pool of deeper water, was swimming lazily to and fro, turning occasionally on its back.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lazily | Lazily Sentence

  • Judy pulled herself lazily from the ground.
  • Then the man lazily turned his head.
  • The doe lies lazily in the rank grass.
  • He looked lazily at me, biting a straw.
  • An English mist was rolling lazily inland from the sea.
  • He lay back in the lounge, and lazily conversed with Malua.
  • Men were lazily coming and going through a door that led into the baths.
  • He lazily took an envelope from the silver salver and held it up.
  • She moved lazily through the water under the dying breath of the land breeze.
  • He settled himself lazily in his chair, and asked about the book.
  • Menard sat on a corner of the long table and looked lazily at the boy.
  • They glided past the scores of black triremes swinging lazily at anchor.
  • The sky was clear blue, with a few fleecy clouds drifting lazily past.
  • Williams, watching the performance, lazily rolled a straw-paper cigarette.
  • Bruce Brown lazily whispered in Tad Horner's ear.

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