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  • Pick a leaf and look at it.
  • He trembled like a leaf as he said this.
  • Now and then a leaf seems as if it would stick.
  • In the adjacent country not a leaf moved.
  • This leaf is not shaped like a feather.
  • Take a leaf in your hand and look at its ragged edges.
  • Now take up a leaf of grass and hold it in the light.
  • Cut with a maple leaf cutter and serve with hot coffee.
  • He placed her tenderly on the largest leaf he could find.
  • No, the grass leaf has straight veins.
  • That was over; a leaf turned; a battle won!
  • We may call the maple leaf a hand-shaped leaf.
  • As the sun rose higher, each leaf glistened with dew.
  • He decided to take a leaf out of the book of the Germans.
  • Beyond that point not a twig was broken nor a leaf disturbed.
  • Dulcie with her coat off was like a wood sprite in leaf green.
  • As soon as he moved aside a little the leaf promptly righted itself.
  • It is perfectly still at evening, and not a leaf trembles or stirs.
  • The bloodroot leaf is curled round the tiny write flower bud to protect it.
  • Of course you can't turn over a leaf unless it's big enough to turn over.
  • Poor little Veronica was trembling like a leaf in her hiding-place.
  • They found the green stem which held the leaf on which Thumbelina sat.
  • A pretty little white one fluttered on to the leaf on which sat Thumbelina.

How To Use Leaf In A Sentence?

  • The ribs of a leaf have fine passages or pipes in them through which the sap flows.
  • Bitter winds swept every leaf from the trees and the sun was hidden in wet mists.
  • There was not a leaf in all that land to give a rustle, nor any water which might afford a ripple.
  • Mary took the palm leaf fan lying on the table and stood beside her, fanning her gently.
  • Skrymir awaking, asked whether a leaf had fallen on his head, and then he fell asleep again.
  • When a leaf has one strong midvein like the quill of a feather, it is said to be feather-veined.
  • Furthermore, he correctly states the length of leaf as 0.295 and the breadth 0.085 meter.
  • Old Meg, still kneeling before him, was trembling like a leaf shaken by the wind.
  • When disturbed it takes to the ground and seeks cover in the leaf litter or beneath logs or palm fronds.
  • At his touch a look of content and rest passed into her eyes, and she yielded herself as the leaf yields to the wind.
  • Lloyd promised then allowed Boyce to leaf through the pages to familiarize himself with the contents.
  • All individuals of this lizard were found in the leaf litter on the forest floor; many escaped capture.
  • The foliage of the third group of capitals on the north side consists of a single leaf which runs horizontally round the caps.
  • The leaves of the cresting have apparently been painted white, but the circular boss in the middle of each leaf was entirely red.
  • The silence is so profound that you hear a dead leaf rustling on the snow, or the needle of the fir dropping to the ground.
  • At time of hatching the jelly becomes less viscous; the tadpoles wriggle until they reach the edge of the leaf and drop into the water.
  • The sky was turning slowly to flame-colour, and each dark pointed leaf of the magnolia tree stood out illuminated against a background of fire.

Definition of Leaf

(intransitive) To produce leaves; put forth foliage. | (transitive) To divide (a vegetable) into separate leaves. | The usually green and flat organ that represents the most prominent feature of most vegetative plants.
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