Lean in a sentence

Definition of Lean

(of a person or animal) Slim; not fleshy. | (of meat) Having little fat. | Having little extra or little to spare; scanty; meagre.

How to use Lean in a Sentence?

  • It had seemed to him that he could face a lean night with the promise of these.
  • Then there began to be a wind that they had to lean against, but the women were allowed no rest.
  • Grass grows in all the streets, and the very dogs seem more lean and hungry here than elsewhere.
  • It was a score for the house, and they wanted all the scores they could get in these lean years.
  • Their horses were a-lather; their lean sides tuckered, but their gait remained unslackening.
  • Add 1 cupful of cooked lean ham chopped very fine, salt and pepper, and 1 beaten egg.
  • Her cold, thin lips, pale eyes, and lean figure gave me a singular impression of voracious hunger.
  • As he mounted the track, he was seen to lean down and fumble with the air shutter on the carburetor.
  • One outburst of merriment followed another, till he was obliged to lean against a tree for support.
  • He got up and went away to lean against the mantelpiece, there, on his elbow and with his head in his hand.
  • And she would lean forward again in an attitude of renewed attention, and listen to the reasons for or against some very unimportant project.
  • It occurred to her now, as it had done so often before, that in the hour of trouble he would be like a rock to lean on.
  • The people lean on this, and the mob is not quite so bad an argument as we sometimes say, for it has this good side.
  • Fat native merchants vied with lean and timid ones in noisy effort to secure accommodation on a train already crowded to the limit.
  • He carried himself as awkwardly as ever, but his long, lean face seemed to have taken to itself a new expression.
  • His weapon leaped out in his hand as he drew back, his lean body bent in the curve of the fanged rattler about to strike.
  • Vague tales of succour were wafted from France, but the conspirators knew better now than to lean on broken reeds.
  • Is it any wonder a fellow who is playing as safe as he can would lean toward Germany rather than the Allies.
  • Espalin was a lean little, dried-up manikin, with legs, arms, and mustaches disproportionately long for his dwarfish body.
  • And, as my father became less able to exert himself, Torwood came forward more, and was something substantial to lean upon.
  • The whole apartments are hung with the same small mat about the depth of an ell, to hinder the coolness of the walls from hurting those which lean against them.
  • Enormous flitches hung from the posts, and the shelves were loaded with pieces of bacon tempting the eye with a streak of lean in a wilderness of fat.

Short Example Sentence for Lean

  • Why should he not come to lean on me?
  • Modern theorists occasionally lean in this direction.
  • He was lean and young and without a hat.
  • With a heavy sigh she would lean on my arm and proceed.
  • And the lean foreman looked pointedly at Saunders.
  • The Everlasting Arm we lean upon!
  • These don't lean back comfortably.
  • Here; let me lean my back up against this rock and sit quiet for a while.
  • Those two fatal years had eaten up the many lean kine that were to follow.
  • There was a little murmur amongst the fisherman, who rushed to lean over him.
  • Then she made madame lean on her, and they managed to get her downstairs.
  • She had to lean on Davidson's shoulder.
  • And there the shadowed waters fresh Lean up to embrace the naked flesh.
  • This Sadok was lean as a spectre, and had a skin like parchment.
  • When justice is doubtful, I should lean to the side of mercy.
  • The man had that morning shot an opossum, lean from its Winter fasting.
  • In the lean twilight of such day, And not remember, not lament?

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