Leaped In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Leaped | Leaped Sentence

  • How they leaped about!
  • Lambert leaped between them.
  • She leaped after her.
  • I leaped over it after him.
  • Ambition leaped in him.
  • Then he leaped to the door.
  • Winford leaped to his feet.
  • Claire leaped to her feet.
  • I leaped to the shore.
  • Leff leaped off his horse.
  • Ilyin leaped up from the sofa.
  • Reddy leaped toward him.
  • Humphrey leaped from his chair.
  • Ingolf leaped up from his chair.
  • Suddenly my thought leaped up.
  • She leaped from his arms.
  • Dentatsu almost leaped up.
  • Then he leaped up on her back.
  • Her heart leaped again.
  • Flame leaped in her eyes.
  • And he leaped to the left.
  • Adamo leaped from the ladder.
  • The sheriff leaped up.
  • Then he leaped into the saddle and was off.
  • He leaped to his feet.
  • Fyles leaped into the saddle.
  • Peter leaped toward it.
  • Glaucon leaped second.
  • Democrates leaped from the chair.
  • The rowers had leaped out.
  • Ariston leaped up from his knees.
  • Gregoriev leaped to his feet.
  • Life leaped within him.
  • She leaped from the tower.

How To Use Leaped In A Sentence?

  • And he leaped forward once more.
  • Suddenly it leaped toward him.
  • Chiltern leaped to the ground.
  • Alvarez leaped from his chair.
  • All her heart leaped out to him.

Definition of Leaped

simple past tense and past participle of leap
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