Leaping In A Sentence

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  • Menard smiled at the leaping fire.
  • His heart was leaping with hope.
  • Now only by leaping could they save themselves.
  • And now the flames were leaping up the masts.
  • Fire seemed leaping from her eyes.
  • Again she avoided him by leaping the low railing.
  • He watched her among the leaping hounds.
  • Had he ever struck the knives when leaping through?
  • Her hands went to her leaping heart.
  • The leaping words shouted at the girl.
  • Marta watched him leaping from terrace to terrace.
  • Her faith in herself had gone leaping skyward.
  • Geysen leaping upon her cut her throat.
  • A skeleton horse leaping a hurdle.
  • Ramon had called it, leaping up.
  • It seemed to be leaping eagerly to meet him.
  • Breaks in like a cat leaping out of smoke.
  • But let the end be worth the leaping for!
  • He threw on cones and roused a leaping blaze.
  • He had observed a tongue of flame leaping from a window.
  • Casker yelped, leaping back.
  • He went leaping to the bottom of a small hill.
  • Naught but leaping waves white-capped to the horizon.
  • The brooklets were rushing and leaping on toward the sea.
  • Rose the thin bellying strips of leaping sail.
  • The leaping topsail thundered like a drum.
  • The ice was now leaping past in feverish haste.
  • It was leaping now, only touching the high places.
  • Her dark eyes were sparkling with a sudden leaping anger.
  • He laughed, leaping the table lightly.
  • Isabelle, leaping out of bed and switching on the light.
  • So the men lay close to their leaping sleds and waited.
  • The leaping flames set her shadow dancing like a goblin.
  • No, she is lame, leaping over a stile.
  • She clapped her hands together, leaping from her seat.

How To Use Leaping In A Sentence?

  • Then, leaping up, he began to hurry off.
  • I moved to clasp her, my heart leaping at her confession.
  • The trees, illuminated, leaping out.
  • Twaddles shouted, leaping ahead to spread the news.
  • He started and faced round, a hope leaping in his face.

Definition of Leaping

present participle of leap
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