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  • You are learning how she lived at your age.
  • I am learning how to see in crowds.
  • The girls are doing their bit as fast as they are learning how.
  • But women are learning how to undo this error of theirs now.
  • And the latter was surprised at learning how much of it was no longer news.
  • Then if you are just learning how, your instructor examines the result.
  • We are learning how few the real necessities are, and it is good for the soul.
  • Students of singing find great difficulty in learning how to use their voices.
  • They learn to breathe by learning how to sing, and by singing.
  • Meanwhile Teddy and Janet were learning how to ride better each day.
  • I was a long time learning how to turn the trick, but I'm an expert now.

How To Use Learning How In A Sentence?

  • He is learning how to tell a tale, and for the moment his interest lies in the telling.
  • Most members join in the hope of thereby learning how to successfully grow nut trees.
  • The education of a naturalist, now, consists chiefly in learning how to compare.
  • He then devoted another year to learning how to spin; still another how to weave.
  • When a boy is twelve years old he must devote one day in seven to learning how to use his weapons.
  • The wound is now syringed every few hours, and Aziz is learning how to do this, and to dress it.
  • I had not lost the best that youth can give, Nay, life itself, in learning how to live.
  • I hope that I am writing an object lesson, either of learning how, or not learning how, to write.
  • They were learning how to safeguard our country's future within our country itself.
  • The first step will consist in learning how to sing at sight and how to take down easy melodies from dictation.
  • Many men give all the pleasant hours of their lives to learning how to know the difference between one of them and another.
  • The inhabitants of our garden were learning how dangerous these new settlers might be, and kept well out of her way.
  • Poictesme had been living for too long on the leavings of wartime production; too few people had bothered learning how to produce anything.
  • It is the principal aim of this book to give the boy something to think about while he is learning how to bring each individual part to perfection.
  • I could not lose so excellent an opportunity of learning how these larvae manage to establish themselves upon the bodies of their foster-parents.
  • He wasn't used to keeping the curb on himself like this, and he hadn't the least intention of learning how to do it.
  • You must study statistics, so as to ease that heart of yours, by learning how seldom a mishap befalls a ship.
  • After learning how to inhale the air, we should cultivate the habit of breathing fresh air, day in and day out.
  • He was profoundly in love with her, he was still only learning how deeply, and she was not going to play a merely passive part in this affair.
  • They've given up believing politicians, and they're learning how to twist the politicians' tails.
  • Before learning how a boat floats, what is known as "specific gravity" must be thoroughly understood.
  • What chance had Pennyloaf of ever learning how to keep a decent home, and bring up her children properly?
  • The Tortoise is in the middle, learning how to bend, and that is why the shelly plates on his back are so spread apart.
  • My friend, you shall not quit me without learning how I have been robbed of every joy which life afforded.
  • The boy had worked hard to win the honor, learning rules of safety, making many handicraft articles and learning how to tie difficult knots.
  • Reggie Beauchamp, therefore, on learning how their uncongenial neighbour was occupied emitted a chuckle of mingled disgust and amusement.
  • The widow had hailed Mike as he passed her house the day before, and on learning how matters stood, offered to accompany him home.
  • He says it's learning how to march, but Dudley and I can do that first-rate.
  • Most of these stations were constructed by the boys themselves, who have learned and are learning how best to apply this modern wonder to the service of man.
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