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  • This is all that each one learning is explaining to some one who has or who refuses something.
  • The manner in which they display their profound learning is alike puerile and ludicrous.
  • I know that the average doctor of learning is not able to see virtue in the new.
  • Life-long learning is a strategy that we all must use if we are to stay ahead and be competitive.
  • One is forced, step by step, to get experience in the world; but the learning is so disagreeable.
  • The same objection to "indical" learning is urged to-day, but it is really a futile one.
  • The mere learning is of course on both sides only a fraction of what the community has to develop in the youth.
  • Learning is generally confessed to be desirable, and there are some who fancy themselves always busy in acquiring it.
  • It is only when learning is made a slavery by tyrannical teachers that art becomes loathsome to the pupil.
  • When learning is only an excuse for imprisonment, it is an instrument of torture which becomes more painful the more progress is made.
  • On the other hand, learning is not only a means of enjoyment in itself, but of improving the social condition of a people.
  • Learning is not limited to those who expect to enter the theological, medical, legal, or academic professions.
  • The fact is that a little learning is quite as dangerous a thing now as it was in Pope's day.
  • The speaker who has learned to sneer at "book learning" is foredoomed to failure and will spare himself many humiliations by retiring at once.
  • His learning is too much for his brain, and his judgment too little for his learning, and his over-opinion of both, spoils all.
  • He was fresh from Oxford, where he had already discovered that learning is not better than house and land.
  • And it is generally to such the victory is given; for greater than the power of riches, or learning, is the power of knowing how to wait.
  • Brahminical learning is certainly uttered in "great swarths" which, like polished pebbles, are sometimes mistaken for diamonds.
  • Sound learning is of great worth even in religion; the wisest and best instructed Christians are the most steady, and may be the most useful.
  • The question that here suggests itself on this subject is, what particular amount of human learning is required as a constitutional qualification for initiation?
  • If Goodall and Chalmers have done this, their learning is comparatively useless, and their labour has been nearly lost.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Learning Is | Learning Is Sentence

  • Learning is a great thing.
  • Learning is like bank-notes.
  • All learning is self-teaching.
  • Their trust in the power of learning is piteous.
  • This institution of learning is my first point.
  • A little learning is a dangerous thing.
  • The tendency to rote-learning is very strong.
  • Learning is easy, you see.
  • What they are learning is how to use their machines for fighting.
  • Satisfaction with our learning is confined to no age or nation.
  • And the only sound way of learning is the experimental method.
  • It grieveth his heart that learning is not more sought after by the youth.
  • Learning is a plant that grows slowly and whose fruit must be waited for.
  • Learning is knowledge based on fact, and not on fiction or unbelief.
  • For learning is not wisdom; information does not guarantee good judgment.
  • The really great lesson that farmers are rapidly learning is to work together.
  • Had he come to the conclusion that much learning is, at best, but vanity?
  • The little Senor's learning is supplied by the newspapers.
  • The road to learning is also the road to the highest honors of the State.
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