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  • I have not the least idea.
  • At least her husband thought so.
  • Last but not least came the transport.
  • I want it at least in another way.
  • At least they did except upon one occasion.
  • But none of us liked to inquire, at least then.
  • They fall, too, where one is least expecting them.
  • This position is at least as old as Aristotle.
  • If die he must, he would at least die like a man.
  • I begged him to at least take my son Andy with him.
  • At least she has only one, but I like it.
  • Patricia didn't in the least mind.
  • There is not the least shadow of any such thing in the whole record.
  • I can't play the least in the world.
  • Gray did his best to persuade him at least to try, but with no effect.
  • Flesh and blood, at least such flesh and blood as mine, could not bear it.
  • I made the utmost haste, but, as in most cases, it was least speed.
  • At least I persuaded my friends so, and that answered all my purpose.
  • Nevertheless the Prince's good-humour was not in the least disturbed.

How To Use Least In A Sentence?

  • This is the only course that promises the least prospect of a satisfactory result.
  • He thought of everything and nothing, least of all of how he should find money for the morrow.
  • I never remember having felt the least bit bitterly toward mamma for punishing me.
  • The least pleasant part of this ceremony may be comprised in the word curl-papers.
  • Filippo, too, became reserved and distant; or at least I suspected him to be so.
  • Be a man, or at least a boy, or I am sure I had better not ask you what I sent for you to answer.
  • She never humored herself by striking or punishing us because or while she was the least bit enoyed with us.
  • We do confess that we can see no insufferable hardship in all this, nor the least shadow of injustice.
  • He considered every one's temperament like his own; or at least he made them conform to it.
  • At least he wiped his eyes and wrung out his handkerchief, and sobbed stertorously and made other exaggerated shows of grief.
  • Why he did not preserve the moral universe, as he had created it, free from the least impress or overshadowing of evil?
  • It was dusty in the highway, and we met no one for at least a mile except the peasants, who passed into the landscape as part of its picture.
  • To solve this great difficulty, or at least to mitigate the stupendous darkness in which it seems enveloped, various theories have been employed.
  • But, to any impartial mind, we believe, this chapter will not be found to lend the least shadow of support to any such scheme of doctrine.
  • The boys, however, prevailed upon him to accompany them home and have at least one good, old-fashioned meal with them.
  • These, the most important courses of all, came, if not daily, at least often enough to keep one under constant strain.
  • However, he plucked up a stout heart; at least as stout a heart as he could, seeing that he was but a puny little man at the hest of times.
  • As to the books themselves they were at least twentieth-hand, and on inspection turned out not worth the very small sum of money I disbursed.
  • By a rough estimate it would appear that for two months at least four thousand souls smoked an average of ten Pedros daily.
  • It was not the least a melancholy feeling with which I stretched myself, all tingling with my rapid ablutions, beneath my home-blanket.
  • To such a community, therefore, or at least to the female part of it, the accession of a gay, dashing young beau was a matter of some importance.

Definition of Least

superlative form of less: most less | superlative form of little: most little | (philosophy) Something of the smallest possible extent; an indivisible unit.
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