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  • Leave for all quarters of the globe.
  • Ross leave for his people.
  • They were ready to leave for the cottage.
  • Will you promise not to leave for an hour?
  • I did not leave for my post for several months.
  • I begged leave for him to ride in the caboose.
  • Pour some water in the plate and leave for development.
  • I never meant to leave for long.
  • I decided to leave for that district right away.
  • I leave for Cardiff at once.
  • You will leave for Dorby at once.
  • He was to leave for Oxford that night.
  • I will leave for London this very day.
  • I leave for Rouen this night.
  • Three days more and I leave for home.
  • When we do, you can both leave for Paris.
  • Thus, you will leave for Milan.
  • I shall leave for some part of America.
  • But that I must leave for the present.
  • We'll leave for the blasting pits at 3:00 o'clock.
  • You leave for my place in Croatia when the show is over.
  • I myself leave for England in less than half an hour.
  • Other details about England we may leave for the present.
  • You must fill in the gaps which I leave for yourself.
  • I leave for London to-night-to consult my lawyer.
  • To-night I leave for the Continent.
  • I must leave for Holyhead on Tuesday.
  • To-morrow morning I leave for Dantzic.
  • To-day I leave for the Chinese sea.
  • I expect to get leave for England on January 10th.
  • What a wrestling ground I leave for Rome and Carthage!
  • And we are going to leave for the mountains in a little while.
  • Your sister will leave for the frontier under escort at midnight.
  • In port there were no night boats and no night leave for officers.
  • I've got to leave for that train in ten minutes.
  • But the aeroplanes could not leave, for already it was dark.
  • She hated to leave; for this hour would be the most interesting.
  • He would not leave for some time yet, if he followed his habits.
  • He was collecting bread and meat on a plate, to leave for the man upstairs.

How To Use Leave For In A Sentence?

  • When we reached the dock we found the boat would not leave for another two hours.
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