Leave It In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Leave It | Leave It Sentence

  • They did not leave it all.
  • You can leave it out.
  • I leave it all to you.
  • He did not leave it all.
  • But we did not leave it at that.
  • Better to leave it with me.
  • Must she leave it all?
  • Leave it for the minute.
  • Leave it in my hands.
  • Did you leave it here?
  • We will leave it at that.
  • Leave it here a few days.
  • Why did you leave it?
  • Leave it in our hands.
  • It would not do to leave it.
  • I leave it for you to decide.
  • And they resolved to leave it not.
  • Run it out to the street and leave it.
  • I could not leave it.
  • I am sorry to leave it.
  • Advise you leave it alone.
  • And why did she leave it in the carriage?
  • So he was going to leave it all to her!
  • Did you leave it open?
  • I leave it to both of yez.
  • I leave it to these fellows.
  • We leave it to you to better it.
  • We will leave it there for the present.
  • I shall leave it to her.
  • How would they leave it?
  • Would they leave it with him for a time?
  • Let us leave it there.
  • I shall leave it to you.
  • I leave it to you to analyse.
  • I leave it as a keepsake.

How To Use Leave It In A Sentence?

  • Go away and leave it all for a while!
  • We can take it or leave it.
  • And there we must leave it.
  • He is reluctant to leave it.
  • Now leave it to my wit!
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