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  • Now grief had something to leaven it.
  • It is not debased with the heavy leaven of journalism.
  • Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?
  • But still a leaven of them clung to the old Cape Colony.
  • Pierre's leaven was working.
  • The leaven of hypocrisy marred petitions in which the heart had no share.
  • The little leaven is of the same nature with whole lump when it is leavened.
  • The ill leaven of the secret doctrine displayed itself before very long.
  • So the leaven of the little white room in the dark alley began to work.
  • Yet, under their bitter sorrow, the leaven of mother love had been at work.
  • He admonished his disciples respecting the leaven of the Pharisees.
  • That not the Christian is to leaven the world, but the world the Christian.
  • Levity in the Leaven 189 III.

How To Use Leaven In A Sentence?

  • The first is prepared by putting leaven into the bourgoul and pouring water over it.
  • Wrykyn was a boarding-school for the most part, but it had its leaven of day-boys.
  • A few names have ever been the leaven which has preserved many a nation from premature decay.
  • In fine, the farce is altogether a leaven of the best material most cleverly worked up.
  • His valour is enough to leaven whole armies, he is an army himself worth an army of other men.
  • I thought it was gone; but the old leaven works as potently as before, and rises up to choke me.
  • Anarchism, the great leaven of thought, is today permeating every phase of human endeavor.
  • Soon the Wahabi leaven began to produce profound disturbances in the most distant quarters.
  • The Wahabi leaven has destroyed abuses and has rekindled a purer religious faith.
  • These men are the little leaven in the gross body politic of Southern communities.
  • The sins of revenge have usually a leaven of what Bacon calls "wild justice" in them.
  • In the intellectual and spiritual fields, likewise, the leaven of Westernism is clearly apparent.
  • There is a leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod, as well as a leaven of the kingdom.
  • On this occasion I found, however, that the old leaven still fermented strongly in my soul.
  • The Austrians would have brought a like leaven into the lump of half-baked German civilisation.
  • Indeed, if anything, the leaven began its working on the Volga sooner than on the Bosphorus.
  • Everything was rapidly and surely becoming "New" under the influence of the leaven of Jesus.
  • You might have borne your testimony as decidedly as you pleased; but why leaven the whole book with it?
  • At first they expressed that feeling alone, but presently there entered into them a leaven of doubt.
  • The leaven put into this offering is the type of sin and the old nature, which is still in the believer.
  • These principles by their very nature could not become those of the world, but they could remain in it as a leaven and an ideal.
  • Nor, as a rule, was there any trace of that leaven of superior intelligence which comes from a fusion of the classes.
  • A political meeting, with two picked speakers to leaven a number of dull and uninteresting harangues.
  • Not slow to reckon the caliber of the man before him, the leaven of intuition began to work in his adipose intelligence.
  • Still more far-reaching is the modern drama, as the leaven of radical thought and the disseminator of new values.
  • Accordingly the dramatic instinct, denied its readiest outlet, is found to leaven all other literary forms.
  • The influence of the christian household is widely felt, and the quiet transforming leaven works in many homes.

Definition of Leaven

(transitive) To add a leavening agent. | (transitive) To cause to rise by fermentation. | (transitive, figuratively) To temper an action or decision.
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