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  • Leaves a mass cool will.
  • Leaves a mass puddle.
  • Beneath its leaves a serpent lies.
  • He never leaves a prescription.
  • He leaves a blank or makes a blot.
  • Leaves a mass, so mean.
  • The impure spirit leaves a grease-spot.
  • A blow from a parent leaves a scar on the soul.
  • As in borax, but leaves a silicious skeleton.
  • He never leaves a man alive to tell the tale.
  • An answer in the leaves, a warning on the wind.
  • Deceased leaves a husband and five children; no insurance.
  • If the enemy leaves a door open, you must rush in.
  • Make of bean leaves a strong tea, and drink freely.
  • Colored leaves; a book of 90 sonnets, by Amy Woodward.
  • We have compressed into these few leaves a volume of several hundred pages.
  • Each term leaves a deposit which is utilized in the next term.
  • A merely worldly vessel leaves a phosphorescent bubble in its wake.
  • Their patter sounded on the leaves a minute or two; then ceased.
  • The only trouble is, that it leaves a dark stain on the flesh for some days.
  • Evening waster, rather better than most but leaves a bitter taste.
  • When an unclean spirit leaves a man, he walks through barren places.
  • I know that sometimes that first kind of love leaves a living thing to live by.
  • This leaves a clean taste in the mouth, and a delicious memory of the feast.
  • If it leaves a mark you can hardly see it is a good cut (fig.
  • This leaves a doubt about any continuity of any American policy.
  • But I know that honey is honey, because it leaves a sweet taste in my mouth.
  • Or like some vivid meteor-light, Which dazzling, leaves a deeper night!

How To Use Leaves A In A Sentence?

  • This leaves a record of his visit and certifies that he has gone his round regularly.
  • As native mercury, but leaves a residue of pure silver.
  • The kernel of the cottonseed on being pressed yields a yellow oil and leaves a mealy cake.
  • Her virtue and passive excellence die with her, and she leaves a brood of mediocrities.
  • It leaves a vague apprehension in the mind, as if we should suspect the air to be poisoned.
  • I always manage to stop him as he leaves a board meeting and get a word or two out of him.
  • No man or beast who passes over this path leaves a trail which lasts longer than a minute.
  • From the center of the leaves a very strong stalk rises up, which supports the cluster of bananas.
  • It is red with a deep black border, which only leaves a small crown of the foundation colour.
  • She wore a dress of bright golden-green grosgrain silk trimmed with crepe leaves a shade deeper.
  • Then, too, a bullet leaves a clean wound, and a man hit by it drops out quietly.
  • Thus the first error in that savage air, Spreads as a flame, and leaves a ruin there.
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