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  • Dead leaves covered the ground.
  • It leaves this great fundamental question untouched.
  • Fortune always leaves some door open in misfortune.
  • The leaves of your portfolio are small; draw it on this.
  • Years will elapse before the finished product leaves the crucible.
  • Clasping pairs were found on branches and leaves above the water.
  • How can you ask me to go agen fayther when he leaves all to me?
  • It leaves not a fragment nor a shadow of moral liberty on earth.
  • There were a great number of dead leaves lying on the ground.
  • The eggs are deposited on the dorsal surfaces of leaves above the water.
  • Many thoughts were blown through her mind like leaves in a high wind.

How To Use Leaves In A Sentence?

  • When asked how many there were, he pointed to the fluttering leaves above his head.
  • He stood for a moment with his eyes on the fresh young leaves which stirred softly.
  • What good was such a cook book, he asked himself as he turned the leaves in resentment.
  • The wind rustled through the trees, and sent a shower of withered leaves down upon her.
  • She smiled an assent, with her dreaming gaze on the young leaves and the blue sky.
  • I find, however, that the resolution to be silent leaves me restless and unsatisfied.
  • We were standing, at the moment, on a drift of leaves that had lain inside the hut.
  • She probably put the letter between the leaves of the Biography and it got lost out.
  • A haze was now brooding over the Susquehanna, and the autumn leaves were being tinged with red.
  • This refutes the objection of Bayle, and leaves his argument without the shadow of a foundation.
  • The old man looked at his face, and then turned over the leaves of his Bible with a sigh.
  • When a current leaves a metal in contact with an electrolyte, the metal tends to dissolve into the electrolyte.
  • The carrying away of positive charges from a hitherto neutral body leaves that body with a negative charge.
  • She cannot be more than thirty-six, but her face is of those on which time leaves no trace until extreme old age.
  • He even wished it were farther, but she spied a bed of leaves under a cedar and ordered him to put her there.
  • When the horse leaves the platform he slides down an inclined chute, below which is hung a heavily padded board.
  • A real sunlight gleamed over the leaves and flowers, seeming to flicker and dance among them as on a broad meadow.
  • Next to the wheat stood the corn in file after file, the leaves rustling and the tasseled heads held bravely aloft.
  • The sloth, in its wild state, spends its life in trees, and never leaves them but from force or accident.
  • It was barely daylight when I found myself walking on the thick layer of sodden leaves filling the only street.
  • In her dress of green and silver, with a wreath of leaves in her hair, she reminded him again of a flower, but of a flower of foam.
  • His fine temper and manly bearing were gone; for the drink, you may be sure, leaves its mark upon its slaves.
  • She opened her door, and stood there staring into the twilit room, her slim grace outlined against the golden rain of falling leaves outside.
  • The rector took up the volume, and with one involuntary glance towards the fire-place, tore the wrinkled and blue-spotted leaves to fragments.
  • But all this leaves the great question untouched, Can we put forth the requisite volitions without divine aid?
  • Both leaves and yellow blossom hung wearily in the gloom, and I felt the intense lull that precedes an electric shower.
  • It was a thin November day: leaves were whirling on the lawn, and at that moment one blew rustling down the window-pane.
  • It is known that when a metal is being dissolved by an acid, each atom of the metal which is torn off by the solution leaves the metal as a positively charged ion.
  • They stake all that, the duellist stakes nothing but his life, and that is a trivial thing compared with what his death must cost those whom he leaves behind him.

Definition of Leaves

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of leave | plural of leave

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