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  • What was he leaving behind?
  • What sort of life are the travelers leaving behind them?
  • It went on and on, leaving behind many a town and city.
  • He was leaving behind him wealth, ease, society.
  • He was leaving behind Pendleton and all that he had known.
  • They had gone leaving behind six sacks of coal....
  • The weariness of the body I was leaving behind me.
  • And she was now only somebody whom they were leaving behind.
  • So they all made off leaving behind them the brass vessels they had stolen.
  • I am afraid we are leaving behind us a difficult task for those who follow.
  • And she fled from the room, leaving behind her a sensation of alarm and pity.
  • And they went, leaving behind them a boiling cauldron of theory and conjecture.
  • It was so dark that they did not notice the trace I was leaving behind me.

How To Use Leaving Behind In A Sentence?

  • Affecting also was the parting of the emigrants with those they were leaving behind.
  • The memory of their dead they were leaving behind, was no doubt uppermost in their minds.
  • She felt she was leaving behind with the ruins the best memory her life would ever hold.
  • Joining his companion he departed, leaving behind him a trail of sulphur-tainted air.
  • Before sundown they were many miles away, leaving behind desolation and blank dismay.
  • David marveled, his head jerking toward the dreary little shack they were leaving behind them.
  • It is the story of a man who went to sea, leaving behind a sweet young wife and little daughter.
  • Having said this, he instantly vanished, leaving behind him a faint odour of Havana cigars.
  • This done, Bacon set off on his Indian campaign, leaving behind him a mighty tumult.
  • Now at last, leaving behind Thrace and Macedonia, the army began to enter Greece itself.
  • Men had cut and slashed their way up through the hills without thought of what they were leaving behind.
  • We were leaving behind the dead bodies of several who had traveled with us and been just as strong and hopeful as we.
  • But even such a threat was preferable to the intolerable, sulphurous atmosphere they were leaving behind.
  • Nor can it be consummated without leaving behind as useless a large number of the auto-erotic instinctive impulses.
  • And having said that she turned on her heel and slowly walked away, leaving behind her an ocean of desolation.
  • And why, scarcely healed, should we fall back into a worse disease than that which we are leaving behind?
  • They ran away in great fear, leaving behind them the money and the jewels which they had obtained by robbery.
  • As the day was breaking they went away, leaving behind them a fine present for the kindness they had received.
  • The steamer went on into the sparkling morning sea, leaving behind her a profane and disgusted stoker.
  • The noble animal came dashing proudly on his way, as if in contempt of the danger he was leaving behind him.
  • Then he stole away like a distorted brownie, leaving behind him an impression that was uncanny and indescribable.
  • And the next instant he had vanished into the dusk, leaving behind him a youth half hysterical with hope.
  • She died about midnight, leaving behind strong indications of having gone to enjoy the eternal rest.
  • This succession of robberies, none of them leaving behind the slightest clew to the perpetrators, interested him.
  • In a hundred yards we had gained the open country, leaving behind us the mighty but unreal necromancies of the moon.
  • At five o'clock they set off, leaving behind them all encumbering baggage, even their knapsacks.
  • An hour or two ago she had started on her journey, leaving behind her a sweet dream of youth and love and roses.
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