Lecture In A Sentence

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  • It is not for you to lecture the people.
  • Do you know what a lecture is?
  • Here beginneth a little lecture on law.
  • I wish you would give me a lecture on the subject now.
  • Her first lecture was on Sex.
  • From a lecture at Royal Institution.
  • Series and Todd Lecture Series).
  • His utmost travel had been to lecture here and lecture there.
  • Preached on the Publick Lecture in Boston, July 8, 1731.
  • The lecture was never written and consequently never delivered twice the same.
  • The lecture by that self-sufficient fellow on our duties makes me tired.
  • Here, by the way, is indicated what the literary lecture should be.
  • I gave a lecture on Keats to a woman's club.
  • La lecture de cette lettre fut un coup de foudre pour la reine et pour moi.
  • From a lecture by the late Professor George Wilson, of Edinburgh.
  • Ils sont d'une lecture presque douloureuse pour les pauvres diables.

How To Use Lecture In A Sentence?

  • It is expected that these will be performed by the teacher at the lecture table.
  • He improved the occasion to lecture them as to the way they should do in the future.
  • Get the whole crew aside and lecture them that they are to be interested only in the pennies.
  • The lecture under discussion was concerned with a matter called perpetuation of type.
  • Some undergraduates emerged in cap and gown from a lecture room and began to show fight.
  • There was a lecture on over in the "chapel" and mostly everybody had gone to it.
  • I started up angrily, and gave them a sharp lecture on the wickedness of malice.
  • Mrs. Oldham only returned to her family to rest between club conventions and lecture tours.
  • The whole party had gone off to a lecture and dissolving views in the Town Hall.
  • Mr. Denham seems to think it his mission to lecture me, though I hardly know him.
  • Qu'on ordonne le silence, tandis qu'on fera lecture de la commission de la cour de Rome.
  • I was sitting in the large armchair where she had sat the memorable night of the lecture that neither of us attended.
  • Students should be so prepared as to make a lecture superfluous and to allow discussion to take the place of review and explanation.
  • After the lecture for the session was ended, the subject was thrown open to discussion and there was an opportunity to ask questions.
  • They did not know very well what a lecture was, but they thought that any thing which their mother would propose would be interesting.
  • And the egg dripped on his chin as he flashed a humorous incident that had happened to him on one of his lecture trips....
  • The eighteenth and concluding Lecture turns on the prevailing spirit of the age, and on the universal regeneration of society.
  • How William would receive such a lecture would depend a great deal upon his disposition and state of mind.
  • Many subordinate Granges give public lecture courses during the winter, securing speakers on general themes.
  • The little city of Logansport was favored not a great while in the past with a visit and lecture from the Colonel.
  • It is debating society, club, lecture course, parliamentary society, theater, and circulating library.
  • The lecture is the vehicle for conveying the latest discoveries made either by the professor himself or gleaned by him from the labors of his colleagues.
  • In the Government institution he sees little of his English teacher or professor outside lessons or lecture hours.

Definition of Lecture

(transitive, intransitive) To teach (somebody) by giving a speech on a given topic. | (transitive) To preach, to berate, to scold. | A spoken lesson or exposition, usually delivered to a group.
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