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  • The lecturer was all right.
  • He was lecturer and chief of a school besides.
  • The lecturer visited the same place once more for the same purpose.
  • The lecturer steps up on to the platform alone and unaccompanied.
  • Formerly Lecturer on Economic History to Harvard University.
  • The first lecturer she heard on the Anarchist platform was Dr. A. Solotaroff.
  • Formerly Lecturer on Economic History to Harvard University.
  • Marcus Musurus, 1470-1517, lecturer in Gymnasium Caballini Montis.
  • The lecturer went home thinking he had been told all about it, but he hadn't.

How To Use Lecturer In A Sentence?

  • Why did the listener become tired of the lecturer who spoke with much applause?
  • He wants to exercise the functions of a lecturer in an ethical culture society.
  • I have heard a philanthropic lecturer talk to the poor upon the housing of the poor.
  • I think it doubtful if a lecturer ever before had so attentive and awe-struck an audience.
  • An acquaintance of my own, a lecturer in a technical school, spoke to me to the same effect.
  • A famous lecturer in a fur collar sweeps by me often, with his eyes on the poetic stars.
  • Here the lecturer "clears the ground" or "paves the way" for the main question.
  • To one experience of my tour as a lecturer I shall always be able to look back with satisfaction.
  • After studying theology at Tubingen he began his public career as lecturer in Jena University.
  • She must have known theirs, for the lecturer was in the habit of calling them over after each lecture.
  • It is possible for every community to obtain the services of a lecturer or teacher who will instruct the parents.
  • But in reality the whole business of being a public lecturer is one long variation of boredom and fatigue.
  • For a lecturer who has to earn his living by his occupation, a draft on the platform is not a thing to be disregarded.
  • The author remembers him well on the occasion of his first appearance in this country as a lecturer and public reader.
  • A young lecturer had in his audience on one occasion a veteran of the platform, and was on that account anxious to do his best.
  • Early in his career the lecturer is obliged to face this question, and his future success hinges very largely on his decision.
  • There are some things required in a good lecturer which cannot be imparted to a pupil by any teacher, and we may as well dispose of these.
  • The lecturer goes up and down the land and in the face of mighty audiences he denounces Christianity.
  • Francis Borges is a college lecturer but is better known for his experience and knowledge of plants.
  • It will be able to shape sentences on the wing, and capture the thought and much of the language of a lecturer in full flight.
  • The lecturer must be familiar with the very best; he must plunge to the greatest depths and rise to the topmost heights.
  • The travelling missionary was as familiar a figure in the Levant as the travelling lecturer on philosophy.
  • In 1843 he was engaged as a lecturer by the Western New-York Anti-Slavery Society.
  • As a lecturer in the lyceums of towns and villages, then greatly in vogue, he was always an acceptable and greatly admired figure.
  • The lecturer should always have a good dictionary within reach, especially when reading, if he has to borrow the money to buy it.
  • However, one has to go through these formalities, and I will therefore introduce the lecturer to you.
  • A celebrated medical lecturer began one day "Fumigations, gentlemen, are of essential importance.
  • Deliberation is closely akin to seriousness and the lecturer who has no great and serious question to present should retire from the platform and try vaudeville.
  • Afterward, he had come up front and asked the lecturer if he could make a place for him at Eos ... that he was out of a job ...
  • We are astonished that the lecturer should have made no mention of mangling, which we understand is done well in the Balkan States.

Definition of Lecturer

A person who gives lectures, especially as a profession. | A member of a university or college below the rank of assistant professor or reader. | (dated) A member of the Church of England clergy whose main task was to deliver sermons (lectures) in the afternoons and evenings.
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