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How To Use Led In A Sentence?

  • It is not surprising that the life we led left many gaps which it was hard to fill.
  • There was a stairway outside the house, which led up to the rear part of the second story.
  • They seemed a happy couple; more like the rest of the world than we had been led to suppose.
  • He slowly led his horse to the stable and made it comfortable, and then went back to the house.
  • Jean knew of some more cows, in a field somewhere, and took my hand and led me thitherward.
  • Its track led them to the rocky retreat, the girl has been seen, and everything discovered.
  • Anna took her husband softly by the arm, led him to the daïs, and made him sit down.
  • Lady Beldi thereupon gave her arm to her friend and led her into the dining-room.
  • But Hollis led the way to one of the tables between the windows screened by rattan blinds.
  • The life which I led there with my cousins was full of charm, and so is the memory of it yet.
  • That burglar-alarm which Susy mentions led a gay and careless life, and had no principles.
  • The pompous and magnificent introduction had led him to expect something wonderful in the story to which it served as a kind of avenue.
  • Suddenly, the secret corridor occurred to her, which led from her bedroom to her husband's.
  • He led me along a passage on the ground-floor of the entrance hall and through an official-looking apartment to a lively scene indeed.
  • My aunt led the van with a red-hot poker; and, in my opinion, she was the most formidable of the party.
  • She seemed almost accidentally to take an opposite path, which led outside of the wood, where the robber dare not venture.
  • Then she dried her eyes, placed her arm in his, and as if to give another turn to the conversation, led him to her flowers.
  • When we had unloaded the bodies from the uneasy horses, and laid them carefully in a lean-to at the stable-end, we led our mounts inside.
  • She met Patricia on the threshold, and patted her shoulder kindly as she led her into the large bare apartment.
  • The rearguard is led by a child whose round, cherub face contrasts strangely with his glittering scimitar and his grave, commanding look.
  • I knew not whether led or carried; I knew not whether aroused or in the midst of his high abstraction.
  • One of three footmen, lolling in the portico, aroused and led us to a room at the side of the hall, shutting us in.
  • I gave up immortal fame to those who could live on air; took to writing for mere bread, and have ever since led a very tolerable life of it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Led | Led Sentence

  • What led up to the event.
  • What the event led up to.
  • Margaret led the way back to their corner.
  • He took her by the hand and led her out of the room.
  • Oh, for the last month we have led a miserable life!
  • Gray felt sure, and one that led to the water.
  • This, however, led to one beneficial result.
  • This led him to wish to become king of Scotland.
  • Thus was I ever doomed to be led into scrapes by the muse.
  • Through this channel Sange Moarte now led his companions.
  • It led him through a country where all was promise of milk and honey.
  • Gray hurriedly unfastened him and led him towards the entrance to the gully.
  • We begin to think what might have led up to it, and what it may lead to.
  • He led us a hundred yards along the rim of the bank and stopped again.
  • Then laughing heartily, but still not speaking, he led me downstairs.
  • Lenhart Davy opened one of these, and led me into a tiny room.
  • By request he led the way, and Kipling, Sir Norman Lockyer and I followed.

Definition of Led

Under somebody's control or leadership. | simple past tense and past participle of lead
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