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  • Catch me adrift on a lee shore!
  • In the lee of the caboose a council was held.
  • And Lee was that kind.
  • Then he went to Henry Lee and said he would like his gun.
  • Brooklyn, Lee Ave., 20.
  • But the second Mrs. Lee Acton!
  • Maryland had not risen in tumultuous welcome as Lee hopefully expected.
  • Mr Lee has not very much varied his subjects or manner this year.
  • It related to the parole granted to General Lee and his army.
  • As the two men glared at each other Rooney Lee opened the door.
  • Mrs. Lee had solved her problem, whatever it was, and settled upon her duty.
  • Then the cutting and branding began, and Henry Lee put him to flanking calves.

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  • The gale continued; and the next morning we thought that we descried land on the lee beam.
  • Henry Lee came riding out with his buyer at daylight and discovered them at their post.
  • General Lee was then in good health and in personal appearance he commended himself without delay.
  • Dixie Lee was going to make them a visit, after all, and they would let her catch him asleep.
  • The suggestion as to warships met with a prompter response than General Lee had expected.
  • Dixie Lee regarded the young man questioningly and with a certain Western disfavor.
  • Like all men, Lee had his faults; like all the greatest of generals, he sometimes made mistakes.
  • The big white house in which Henry Lee made his home was a landmark in southeast Arizona.
  • He still would take no money from his father, but he saw much of him, for Mrs. Lee was dead.
  • Neils Halvorsen heaving the lead, and dropped anchor in five fathoms under the lee of Fort Mason.
  • Bowles was on Wa-ha-lote, and he rode to the end before Henry Lee sent him back with the herd.
  • And to him, no less than to Hardy Atkins, the coming of Dixie Lee was a disappointment.
  • He advised President Johnson to grant a pardon to General Lee and a pardon to General Johnston.
  • All at once there was an alarm, and the whole party fled like partridges, skurrying along and hiding under the lee of the rocks.
  • The lugger was brought sharp up into the wind, and was soon staggering along seaward, with the lee bulwark almost under water.
  • Mrs. Lee sat beside it, and after welcoming the self-conscious cowboys she asked them what they would have.
  • Henry Lee came down, there was a call for horses, and in the turmoil of roping and mounting the matter was forgotten.
  • The cruiser was gallantly commanded, and her masterly management upon a lee shore, often forced involuntary admiration even from the captain.
  • General Lee manifested a kindly spirit for the freedmen, but he was unwilling to accept them as citizens endowed with the right of suffrage.
  • General Lee was of the opinion that a Southern jury would not find an accused guilty of treason for participation in the war.
  • General Lee came from the class of landed gentry that has furnished England at all times with her most able and distinguished leaders.
  • If O-liver Lee wanted to live on his father or his wife he could hold out his hand and let things drop into it.
  • He nodded at the glistening alkali along the flat, and his eyes twinkled with furtive humor as Dixie Lee raised her quirt.
  • To be sure, Dixie Lee had saved him from the man-killer, but she had done it in such a way as to injure his pride irreparably.
  • Dixie Lee was lying very awkwardly among the rocks at the foot of a scrubby juniper, and at the first glance Bowles knew she was hurt.
  • Henry Lee was a good boss, but the average Texas cow-puncher is not weak-kneed enough to court the favor of any man.
  • A gentle eddy carried the boat further in shore, until at last it was completely embayed under the lee of a rocky point now faintly discernible through the fog.
  • Last summer a group of nut growers went to Lee Sommers', which is in the central part of Michigan.

Definition of Lee

(sailing, geology) Facing away from the flow of a fluid, usually air. | (obsolete) Lees; dregs.
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