Left Behind In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Left Behind | Left Behind Sentence

  • George had left behind him.
  • Nothing is left behind?
  • Smiler was to be left behind.
  • What has it left behind?
  • They were being left behind.
  • Something will be left behind.
  • Mountains are left behind.
  • I had been left behind.
  • I had left behind me.
  • Every weakling had been left behind.
  • It was from those she had left behind at the reservation.
  • Our knapsacks were left behind.
  • Only four were left behind.
  • But what riches he left behind him!
  • Nothing of importance had been left behind.
  • In no movement will they be left behind.
  • Absolutely nothing had been left behind.
  • But he has left behind a son.
  • Kent he left behind him at the camp.
  • Antonio and the boy were left behind.
  • Not one will be left behind.
  • Afraid she got left behind.
  • Not one was left behind.
  • And the headland white we have left behind.
  • Ruin and death were left behind them as they marched on.
  • There was to be no proof of her complicity left behind.
  • Perhaps scouts had been left behind to watch.
  • The village was soon left behind.
  • There is bound to be some trace left behind.
  • But anything rather than be left behind.
  • He left behind him a silent crowd.
  • Everything possible was left behind her in each place.
  • Our ideals are broken and left behind.
  • A city of amazement has been left behind.
  • All the sick and wounded were left behind.

How To Use Left Behind In A Sentence?

  • What becomes of the bills which are left behind?
  • And in the valley they left behind there was desolation.
  • How awful is it to be left behind at such a day!
  • The dog and cat were not left behind.
  • He hated to think of being left behind.
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