Left For In A Sentence

How To Use Left For In A Sentence?

  • I have left for you as the father of my children.
  • Then he left for the teak forests.
  • There never is much left for me.
  • And what an example he has left for teachers.
  • The oven was left for a day to cool.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Left For | Left For Sentence

  • That was all that was left for them to do.
  • And what was left for her then?
  • There is no place left for me.
  • Nothing else is left for it.
  • No room is left for me!
  • What was there left for him to live for?
  • What else was there left for me to do?
  • This should be left for a few days.
  • It had been left for a chimney.
  • Still there is something left for me.
  • But there is a little left for you.
  • What had life left for him?
  • What was left for her but to run away?
  • What place was there left for her in all the world?
  • There was no money left for doctors.
  • There was no seat left for us.
  • He did the one thing left for him to do.
  • This left for myself only my pantaloons and my coat.
  • He was about to do the one thing left for him to do.
  • They left for the capital again in the night.
  • There was no course left for him but to withdraw.
  • Still they were left for a long interval.
  • There is nothing left for me to do in the world any more.
  • There is but a week left for us.
  • He left for parts unknown.
  • Is naught left for us?
  • There is no time left for education.
  • There was nothing left for him to do but leave.
  • Then the slip is poured into it and left for a while.
  • Is there any supper left for us?
  • There was nothing left for him to find!
  • In this situation it is left for a few hours.
  • Emma had no strength left for any sentiment.
  • There was none left for toys.
  • She dreaded to be left for a moment.
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