Left Him In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Left Him | Left Him Sentence

  • And with that she left him to himself.
  • I left him with that.
  • With that she left him.
  • I left him on my departure.
  • We left him winning.
  • Gortre had left him most despondent.
  • She left him astonished.
  • Bellshaw swore and left him.
  • It left him as hot as myself.
  • And we left him to his labors.
  • His sickness left him.
  • Conniston turned and left him.
  • All restlessness now had left him.
  • That left him staring.
  • No other resource is left him.
  • She nodded and left him.
  • I left him at the house.
  • How could she have left him?
  • For it never left him.
  • Why had they left him while he slept?
  • Rosie left him in disgust.
  • I left him at the bridge.
  • After she left him lonely here?
  • Neither of us left him.
  • And she left him planted there.
  • Carroll turned and left him.
  • Volition seemed to have left him.
  • The sheriff left him with that.
  • Speech had suddenly left him.
  • Slowly the chill left him.
  • Together they had left him a wreck.
  • Then left him helpless there.
  • She had left him no loophole.
  • His heaviness left him.
  • All his vanity had left him now.

How To Use Left Him In A Sentence?

  • She would have left him.
  • I left him there dead.
  • After this they left him at peace.
  • And when they left him he was afraid.
  • I left him at the church.

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