Left His In A Sentence

How To Use Left His In A Sentence?

  • Phillip left his pump and waved for me to follow.
  • For months he hardly left his study.
  • Larkin left his own animal and proceeded on foot.
  • Her eyes never left his face.
  • Then the smile suddenly left his face.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Left His | Left His Sentence

  • Ralph left his for me.
  • He left his love for you.
  • He had left his tea.
  • He had left his pipe here.
  • Sleep left his couch.
  • It had not left his possession.
  • And he had left his gun in the canoe.
  • Mop had not left his couch for weeks.
  • Channing had certainly left his mark.
  • He must have left his behind him.
  • He left his wife penniless.
  • My father left his estate to her.
  • The smile left his mouth.
  • On which he left his benefactor alone.
  • All the irony had left his face.
  • Why else had he left his estates?
  • And what was he going to do when they left his island?
  • Saying this he left his wife for a time.
  • The bitterness left his face.
  • Bill had left his curtains undrawn.
  • His soul has left his body.
  • Papa had left his paper in the coupe.
  • He left his wife in the house.
  • He has left his stick below by the door.
  • Heda scarcely left his side.
  • As the challenge left his lips.
  • All that had left his body with the breath.
  • I had left his halter loose.
  • And then the smile left his lips.
  • George had not yet left his room.
  • The mockery left his voice.
  • Your uncle has left his money to you.
  • Maxwell left his comrade startled and uneasy.
  • From that hour she never left his bedside.
  • That left his spirit long ago.
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