Left Leg In A Sentence

How To Use Left Leg In A Sentence?

  • The fourth combatant took him by the left leg, and tumbled him down on the other side.
  • There seem to be three femoral pores on the left leg but the number is indistinct on the right.
  • With much fatigue and pain in my left leg, we walked about fifteen miles to-day.
  • With the four-hole machine, using the left leg meant sitting a little to the right side.
  • I looked up again, and Raffles was drawing his left leg over the balcony railing.
  • The intersection of the bar with the left leg is near the old stone chateau of Hougomont.
  • The lower part of the figure, particularly the left leg, half advanced, is admirably drawn.
  • She hesitated, gave a run at me, put both hands on my back, but caught her left leg on my neck.
  • Round the right arm and left leg he wore thick rings of yellow metal that I judged to be gold.
  • My hip began to smart unpleasantly, and I left a curious warmth stealing down my left leg.
  • They rose, and Loudons, favoring his left leg, moved over to the seat at the controls.
  • Who would not say his prayers; I took him by the left leg, And threw him downstairs.
  • Second reason: Because I am laid up here at Durban with the pain in my left leg.
  • His left leg was shattered, and he had been for a long time in a hospital before she was allowed to have him.
  • His movements were somewhat stiff and he was very careful to get his left leg in a comfortable position.
  • Morris had evidently started to leap from the car and had got his left leg over the side when the car struck.
  • Or you might have your left leg amputated so that it couldn't be crushed in a railroad accident.
  • While he was doing the fire a shell burst over the dug-out and a bit went through his left leg and touched his right.
  • He was standing on the left leg and the right drawn up at a sharp angle, the toe pointing downwards.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Left Leg | Left Leg Sentence

  • Then he stood on his left leg.
  • He moved his left leg.
  • Next hang your rifle-scabbard under your left leg.
  • The little jockey thrust out his left leg.
  • His left leg is bent in position to rise again.
  • Everett drew his left leg over his right knee deliberately.
  • His left leg moved at his will, and that encouraged him.
  • Then I changed, and put the left leg over the right.
  • The left leg is the road from Brussels to Nivelles.
  • The left leg should be straight and the left heel should not leave the ground.
  • He fetched up squealing in the scuppers, his left leg bent under him.
  • The bend of the left arm repeats the line made by the bend of the left leg.
  • All the animal is in the bath dish, in the stop watch in the left leg.
  • Bits of straw stuck in his red hair, and he limped with his left leg.
  • She was stark naked, and he soon discovered that her left leg was broken.
  • It was a gun-shot injury in his left leg, and did not immediately disable him.
  • He made a step toward her, and the strength of his left leg gave way.
  • His left leg is nearly straight, but his right has the knee bent a little.
  • A sharp pain ran through his left leg; but at last he caught his breath.
  • Paralysis of the left side set in (1718), the left leg shrivelling up.
  • As I started to run I felt a pain in my left arm, and also in my left leg.
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