Left Off In A Sentence

How To Use Left Off In A Sentence?

  • And he knelt once more and took up his work where he had left off.
  • Now they were gone and she could take up life where it had left off.
  • Even grocers had left off trading in the article in some places.
  • The date unfortunately was left off of this particular copy.
  • They had hardly left off speaking before they were sound asleep again.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Left Off | Left Off Sentence

  • Maria had left off her mourning.
  • Go right on with our conversation where we left off.
  • And he resumed the game where he left off.
  • We began again at the point where we had left off.
  • We started where other nations left off.
  • But if you left off, what then?
  • It soon left off bleeding and healed.
  • This volume takes up where the first left off.
  • Thought itself left off less than a yard away.
  • They would go on where they left off for a little while.
  • He begins life where his father left off.
  • He never left off the yellow wig.
  • Then, some of our sons will start where we left off.
  • By-and-by she left off going to church.
  • He did not, but he left off with only three points to make.
  • He has left off loving me, and has gone away.
  • Juliana left off clucking, and smiled sarcastically.
  • Sibyl left off abruptly, her poor little face quivered.
  • And now, sir, please go on again from where you left off.
  • For, once there, its wing-feathers left off growing.
  • And, moreover, from that instant he never left off.
  • Rousseau began where Voltaire left off.
  • Has he quite left off going to the Change?
  • Dr. Brown left off being our doctor once.
  • The Baron left off smoking in some confusion.
  • I'll take it up where he left off, and he'll check me.
  • Even de Grizolles himself left off shooting beans.
  • He left off ploughing, put up the plough, and drove home.
  • At any rate, Skipper left off nibbling grass.
  • I had left off, or whether I had given five pages or ten.
  • For very weariness Charles left off going to the Bertaux.
  • Under par since Lady Berkeley left off breeding.
  • St. Louis started where New York left off.
  • But I shall go back to where I left off on Wednesday night.
  • He left off.
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