Left Out In A Sentence

How To Use Left Out In A Sentence?

  • Was there some vital spark left out when I was born?
  • But I left out the sensational feature of the whole thing.
  • It would really serve the Form right to be left out.
  • Miss Eversham would feel badly to be left out....
  • Meanwhile, Black Rod left out in the cold.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Left Out | Left Out Sentence

  • She was not left out.
  • And what would you have left out of it?
  • Yet what could be left out?
  • He was tired of being left out.
  • He would not be left out.
  • They were not going to be left out of it.
  • But they will by no means be left out.
  • It is a feature that was left out of me at birth.
  • I am only von left out of tree.
  • I shall always be left out!
  • Missy was rather left out of the conversation.
  • I do so hate to be left out of a thing.
  • This latter may be left out if preferred.
  • But the unhappy infantry had of necessity to be left out.
  • They are almost always left out of the inquiry.
  • Then he remembered a dozen things he had left out.
  • The people must be left out of this affair.
  • It is another form of the hatred of being left out.
  • Poor dear mamma was left out of it altogether.
  • They are compound words with the hyphens left out.
  • The staircase scene was ordered to be left out altogether.
  • Something had been originally left out, or had departed.
  • Shorty, take the left out there in the bushes.
  • If he succeeds the person left out becomes narrator.
  • His holiness and justice are completely left out of sight!
  • And a good deal he left out, too.
  • But however he arranged it, one was left out.
  • The money was only left out for an hour, you say.
  • Daisy felt alone again, left out of the play.
  • Nor was England left out.
  • Why could not "feel" be left out?
  • All finished but just one little stone; that was left out.
  • Mrs. Nailor had no idea of being left out.
  • I have never understood why Bacon was left out.
  • Clarence Mills was left out and a chair withdrawn.

Definition of Left Out

Not included or accepted in a group or event. | simple past tense and past participle of leave out
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