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  • Dimaggio was a legendary figure.
  • Two legendary subjects.
  • Mythology and legendary lore.
  • She became quite legendary in the countryside.
  • And rear the wondrous tale of legendary lore.
  • They strolled on, refashioning these legendary gardens.
  • The tragedy, as ritual, enacts its own legendary origin.
  • More Legendary Tales, p. 86.
  • In a series of legendary stories, statements often conflict.
  • Berserker was a legendary Scandinavian hero who never wore a shirt of mail.
  • The first poem of the fourth book goes back to the legendary period of Iran.
  • Mrs. Langloh Parker, More Australian Legendary Tales.
  • Johnny Bassett, almost the legendary hero of Goboto, broke all records.
  • Maybe that's why this is the legendary flying carpet country, or maybe not.

How To Use Legendary In A Sentence?

  • Mythology and legendary lore abound in delightful traditions in regard to the birth of music.
  • Happy are those who dwell as children in a place well clad with racy memories and legendary lore.
  • After galloping a while thru a mezquite forest we suddenly emerged upon its legendary shores.
  • From that moment his life loses its legendary character, and becomes more a matter of history.
  • This legendary mountain has long been said to be the home of many ancient Gods.
  • Clote Scarpe, by the way, is the legendary hero, the Hiawatha of the northern Indians.
  • The eldest son of Milesius, King of Spain, in the legendary history of Ireland.
  • Stories and legendary accounts of strange things that the presence of these two brought poured out then.
  • Clote Scarpe, a legendary hero, like Hiawatha, of the Northern Indians.
  • The term is derived from the legendary belief that these rude megalithic monuments were used by the giants when playing quoits.
  • Of course, legendary lore is not at fault to account in its own poetical manner for this natural phenomenon.
  • There is a tradition in the neighbourhood concerning a virtuous maiden; but little reliance can be placed on such legendary tales.
  • The foreign woman was always afraid of being deceived, dreading to find that her legendary hero was but an ordinary man.
  • The narratives peculiar to Matthew have the character rather of legendary developments than of genuine reminiscences.
  • The legendary mermaid still retains her place in popular legends of our sea coasts, especially in the remoter parts of our islands.
  • The man with the automobile, the corn-cure, and the baby grew to be legendary in the villages of Provence.
  • Probably it refers to the legendary birth of their chief saint, Avalokitesvara, who is said to have been born of a lotus flower.
  • What has not already been written and said about the Battle of the Marne, a conflict which will remain legendary in history?
  • A Scottish poet and Orientalist; his treatment of legendary material, 211 LEZAT.
  • Its characters ceased to be legendary Kings and Queens; they became fictional characters from ordinary city life.
  • The Hindu theatre affords examples of the drama of domestic, as well as of heroic life; of original invention as well as of legendary tradition.
  • The law books, the epics, and the Puranas, or ancient legendary histories, also belong to this class.
  • A legendary person said to have been condemned to wander over the earth, undying, till the Day of Judgment.
  • The legendary love which that charm inspired in Henri II had in it a troubadourian parade and a chivalresque effacement.
  • And as to Old Alice, she is the very empress of old women and queen of gossips, so far as legendary lore is concerned.
  • Above those chairs, along the frieze of the screen of this Chapel, are fourteen legendary sculptures, respecting the Confessor.

Definition of Legendary

Of or pertaining to a legend or to legends. | Appearing (solely) in legends. | Having the splendor of a legend; fabled.
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