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  • Railway legislation did exactly the same.
  • There are some things legislation cannot cure.
  • This protective legislation must here be shortly reviewed.
  • Liberal Legislation is bad for the country.
  • To prove a legislation from God.
  • A suspicious Spartan legislation might claim to do that.
  • In most criminal legislation the chief emphasis is placed on punishment.
  • This may be done by showing its influence upon legislation and jurisprudence.
  • The oldest legislation of all is the code found in Exodus xx.
  • In ancient Greece and Rome, how far superior was the legislation on marriage!

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  • The purpose of criminal legislation and administration is clearly the protection of society.
  • Factory legislation began in the cotton industry, and in no industry is it now more developed.
  • War legislation has pressed hard on many callings, and on none more than that of the architect.
  • This brief sketch of the true province of legislation is enough to evince its vast importance.
  • The President made a vain effort to secure legislation for the removal of the bar.
  • Can legislation determine how long or how loud the grand chorus in 'Nabucco' should be performed?
  • If, as the Don very properly says, this is a grazing county, no legislation can change it.
  • All the privilege and all the legislation of the world cannot meddle or help to make a poet or a prince of him.
  • Promises out of office are often the whale which only produces the sprat of legislation when the time of fulfilment arrives.
  • International legislation has occurred repeatedly, though no world-court has as yet been established.
  • I was chiefly impressed by what was unlikely to be done and by the absence of any general plan of legislation to hold us all together.
  • It had not been theoretically stated; it had not been a matter of legislation at all; its extent and limitations were unknown.
  • It believes that such ills as are due to bad or imperfect legislation can be, at least partly, relieved by good or more perfect legislation.
  • The course of legislation in this country amply demonstrates the wisdom, and even necessity, of extending the same prohibition to civil cases.
  • I used to think as you do, that the American people had a very direct influence upon the legislation of the country.
  • It is to this stage of the religion that the priestly legislation of the Vendidad, with all its puritanical regulation of life, is to be ascribed.
  • In the States the stage of legislation regarding alcohol is past, and the stage of making the legislation effective has come.
  • In this you will not succeed, I venture to prophesy, so long as legal plunder is the basis of the legislation within.
  • The legislation of Mr. Gladstone in coalition with the blunderbuss soon put an end to the pleasing delusion.
  • We are not ready to accede to a principle of legislation by which the State shall take into its own hands the valuation of rent throughout Ireland.
  • One result is that during every legislative session the ordinary citizen is dreading oppressive legislation and feels relieved when the session is over.
  • Just or humane legislation could not be looked for at the hands of such men, who would be guilty of that cruelty which is born of injustice and terror.
  • Or is the soul so much less trustworthy in its instincts than the stomach, that legislation is necessary for the one, but inconvenient to the other?
  • My present conclusion is that upon a reasonable construction of the Constitution there is no occasion for legislation or for an amendment to the fundamental law.
  • This attempt to determine the rate of exchange is a common feature in the legislation of France and Spain as well as of England.
  • There are psychosocial problems where we examine the psychological factors which have to enter into public movements, into social reforms, into legislation and into politics.
  • And each question of legislation must be made a separate subject of inquiry as it presents itself: you cannot fix any general principles about what should be dealt with legally, and what should not.
  • In modern times, when legislative bodies are found in limited monarchies as well as in republics, the methods of legislation are necessarily different.
  • It was one of those sweeping pieces of legislation that men enact when driven to do something, they know not exactly what, by the enormity of some great abuse.
  • In short, besides those maxims which are common to all, every people has its own particular circumstances, which demand a legislation peculiar to itself.

Definition of Legislation

The act of legislating; preparation and enactment of laws; the laws enacted. | Law which has been enacted by legislature or other governing body
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