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  • Here we have a conclusion legitimately obtained; but it is not in the terms originally given.
  • Henceforth she would live within such income as she could legitimately earn on the stage.
  • I think it may be regarded as proved that these majorities are not always legitimately obtained.
  • I own this is not a noble family, and doubt whether you can legitimately claim the title.
  • That gold is, therefore, legitimately your property, as this house in which we are now.
  • Nelson astutely and legitimately seized the opportunity to open negotiations with the Danes.
  • The priest in such a case may legitimately make respectful representations to his Bishop.
  • Such gifts could be legitimately coveted with a view to spiritual edification of the body (1 Cor.
  • I am unable to see how I can legitimately be asked to make an exception for South Carolina.
  • If you once enter on such a career there is absolutely no limit at which you can legitimately stop.
  • Suspicion had fastened on a sharp boy who was believed to spend more money than he legitimately received.
  • The only astonishment we can legitimately feel is derived from the thought that we are suddenly and deeply penetrating to the very heart of things.
  • Is not part of the profit realized legitimately due to them, as profit accomplished by a commercial enterprise?
  • Meantime the consequences appear to me, in point of logic, legitimately concluded from the terms of the premisses.
  • Men tried to steal in a handful of hours all the passionate experiences that would have come to them beautifully and legitimately over forty years.
  • Why may not lying be as legitimately cured by blisters made with hot coals as by black and blue spots made with a ruler or whip?
  • But you impressed me favorably when you came here, and I think you are capable of being legitimately successful.
  • When a young man has decided to work with a will, and to accumulate every dollar he legitimately can he has made a long stride toward success.
  • Lisa was anxious to know what steps she might legitimately take, as a woman of honour, with respect to her brother-in-law.
  • Is it possible that the railway companies can legitimately use anything like $14,000,000 yearly in protecting their rights in the courts?
  • That influence can be most effectively and legitimately exercised by and through possession of the Electoral Franchise.
  • Neither as judge, nor as attorney, nor as jury was I allowed any person who could be legitimately called my peer to speak for me.
  • Only by avoidance of spending money on what is needless or unjustifiable can we legitimately keep our income to the point required to meet our needs that are genuine.
  • Many men of his standing insure themselves for extraordinarily large sums, to protect legitimately their business interests as well as their families.
  • These motives are excellent, if it be added that this punishment is just in itself, that it is merited, and that it is legitimately applied to the action committed.
  • This conclusion, though at variance with the views of many estimable writers, is nevertheless in unison with those anticipations which historical facts legitimately suggest.
  • This vitalism is not a kind of biology more prudent and literal than the mechanical kind (as a scientific vitalism would be), but far less legitimately speculative.
  • O God! grant that I may at last find her who can strengthen me in virtue, whom I can legitimately call my own.
  • Further thinking of it, she revived and recovered; she despised the complication, yet without perceiving how else he was to manifest himself legitimately in a dull modern world.
  • This does not include any of the income to be legitimately expected from the canteen, telephone charges, or special rates charged to guests, or from funds raised by entertainments.
  • In all cases that interest us sufficiently, and which are legitimately before the public, we shall write precisely as we think, without the slightest regard for consequences.
  • The party has a right to have his case decided upon the law and the evidence, and to have every view presented to the minds of his judges, which can legitimately bear upon that question.
  • These absurdities, which are legitimately drawn from their own premises, drive us to the conclusion that their whole theory, upon the covenant question, is wrong.
  • But this foresight can scarcely belong to His glory, nor spare Him the reproaches which men could legitimately heap upon Him.
  • Perhaps the most distinct result of our Christian education is the full comprehension of the fact that what is moral is religious, and that immorality cannot on any pretext be allowed as legitimately religious.
  • The whole effect is singularly broad, but so is the space it covers within; for this breadth is legitimately attained by the happy device of planting the western towers beyond the aisles.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Legitimately | Legitimately Sentence

  • He wants it done legitimately and legally.
  • The only direction of inquiry is how they can be legitimately minimized.
  • He is, then, legitimately no more than an inmate of Doubting Castle.
  • This latter legitimately belongs to a man's compass; a falsetto does not.

Definition of Legitimately

In a legitimate manner, properly.
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