Leigh In A Sentence

Definition of Leigh

(archaic) A meadow.

How To Use Leigh In A Sentence?

  • Think of Ethel Leigh being in her thirtieth year!
  • But Mrs Leigh stopped aghast.
  • To his son Lord Leigh the churl.
  • He believed what Glen Leigh said.
  • Mr. Leigh looked at the paper and then at Maurice.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Leigh | Leigh Sentence

  • Glen Leigh was missing.
  • What did Leigh know about him?
  • Beatrice Leigh and her crowd were there.
  • Glen Leigh did not lie down again.
  • Glen Leigh shook with excitement.
  • Glen Leigh looked at him with contempt.
  • He had no idea what Leigh was driving at.
  • Glen Leigh held the ticket.
  • Glen Leigh was indeed a man.
  • What a blessing Leigh has been to his life.
  • But Leigh made no reply.
  • Bib and Leigh send love to you.
  • Mrs Leigh still hesitated.
  • Glen Leigh must have slipped it under the door.
  • He wanted the old Leigh farm.
  • Glen Leigh had made a staunch friend.
  • Thaine and Leigh did not hurry on their homeward way.
  • The Leigh women matured early.
  • Glen Leigh walked away to avoid him.
  • Mrs Leigh had now recovered her power of speech.
  • Mrs Leigh came to a sudden standstill.
  • But Leigh paid little heed to her opinion.
  • Glen Leigh looked, and looked.
  • Bellshaw made some remark about Leigh being a bad lot.
  • Glen Leigh waited a quarter of an hour and became restless.
  • Had he said anything that Leigh could get hold of?
  • No, Leigh has not infected me with the exploring fad.
  • Thaine was reciting his lesson glibly, but Leigh broke in.
  • There is the Sutton Leigh turn!
  • Never had Glen Leigh been on such a horse.
  • Would Glen Leigh last out?
  • Glen Leigh had drawn Barellan.
  • But here is the Sutton Leigh path.
  • Glen Leigh arrived at Mintaro in the evening.
  • But Mr. Leigh did not smile.

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