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  • I had now leisure to look to myself.
  • Then her leisure was exchanged for hurry.
  • A pretty play our leisure to beguile!
  • Is not leisure an essential spring in the social machine?
  • If so, he was not long to have leisure for indulging it.
  • After bread has been secured, leisure is the supreme aim.
  • So think not I have leisure to relate.
  • Alas, I have not leisure for your punishment.
  • But he was not allowed much leisure for pondering on the future.
  • Curiously enough, his leisure extended to practically the same limits.
  • He told me he had a little leisure that evening, and would take me home.
  • Some, for example, will give their hours of leisure to literature.
  • I take advantage of a moment's leisure to-day to answer your letter.

How To Use Leisure In A Sentence?

  • I write as early as my circumstances have afforded me the necessary leisure and composure of mind.
  • It seemed as if his desperate condition had given him a large quiet leisure for introspection.
  • The relief from marching and the ample leisure to cook food are redeeming features.
  • With much leisure on his hands, he first sought rest and recreation, and then occupation.
  • Freeling's leisure was devoted to the formation of a curious and valuable library.
  • She would have had scarcely any leisure but that her mother-in-law sometimes relieved her of the care of the children.
  • Below him men were crouching on the roofs like cats, to be picked off at the leisure of the police.
  • The pity of it is that all mothers cannot have this unlimited leisure to give to their children in the days when character is forming for life.
  • This method perhaps struck me as the more complete because it left her the leisure for a frantic attempt to anticipate our every wish.
  • Notwithstanding the arduous nature of her work and her exceedingly delicate health, she devoted her leisure hours to literary composition.
  • The process needs repeating about every twenty days, but it helps to fill up the infinite leisure of life.
  • After he had commenced his great work, he found no time to enjoy society, no hours of leisure and repose.
  • There was not much drumming, because the drummer spent nearly all his ample leisure on more or less successful efforts to vend programmes.
  • Now she felt that she really had leisure to enjoy her surroundings, which were usually very important to Joan.
  • After we had begun work in the morning, he would saunter down to the kitchen and have his coffee, the one person of leisure in the establishment.
  • Then, when you fire, you may advance and go on firing at your leisure and pleasure, if you can get any pleasure out of it.
  • Atwood and Henry having placed orders hung back, content to wait for a later moment when she might have leisure to talk to them.
  • Then, if time and leisure be allowed, and the poacher is a good "caller," almost every bird on a moor may be bagged.
  • Have you such leisure from your own affairs To think of those, that don't concern you, Chremes?
  • Having solved her riddle, King had leisure to be interested in her eyes, and watched them analytically, like a jeweler appraising diamonds.
  • I know that you are going to point out to me that vast numbers of people regularly spend a considerable portion of their leisure in striving after self-improvement.
  • The pavement, even in Pera, is not good enough to allow a carriage to drive quickly, so you have full leisure to look at its inmates.
  • One of the young men who had crossed with her agreed that it was a waste of time to work when there was money to spend, and they decided for a life of leisure together.
  • All that June which followed, I passed my leisure hours and leisure days in the open air, in the woods.
  • When not engaged in definite or specific work, she had a chronic sock-knitting which helped to fill up and round off the corners of her leisure hours.
  • But what was one to do who had both money and leisure linked to an irresistible desire to leave behind one place or thing in pursuit of another, indeterminately?
  • It was not enormous, but it served to relieve him from the wear and tear of general practice, and allowed him many hours of leisure in his laboratory.

Definition of Leisure

Freedom provided by the cessation of activities. | Free time, time free from work or duties. | Time at one's command, free from engagement; convenient opportunity; hence, convenience; ease.
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