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  • Intermittent habitation would lengthen this period.
  • And life shall lengthen with the joy it brings!
  • To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.
  • Sometimes these bud scales lengthen before the shoot spares them.
  • They could be seen to lengthen as there humid bases widened.
  • The shadows were beginning to lengthen when they came to a fork in the trail.
  • He leaned over to lengthen a stirrup; stopped again to light his pipe.

How To Use Lengthen In A Sentence?

  • Tarling saw his face lengthen and the look of apprehension in his cold blue eyes.
  • They all listened breathlessly, and then wanted it read over again to lengthen out the good news.
  • It seemed to lengthen ahead of him as he climbed, so that he was never any nearer the top.
  • And soon the breeze comes stronger, and we begin to lengthen and draw away from the gunboat.
  • A fool always wants to shorten space and time: a wise man wants to lengthen both.
  • The mire and dirt of the road combined, with the darkness of the way, to lengthen their march.
  • Soon, when the sun shall have risen, these rays will lengthen and become beautifully golden.
  • The veins are very thick and yellow, and the hollow leaf-stalks lengthen to three or four feet.
  • It is now easy to say that to lengthen the French line of operation was a military blunder.
  • It needs no long conversation, though I am prepared to hear that he wished to lengthen your stay.
  • Urged to lengthen his stay, the Rev. Cyril gladly consented to remain over the ensuing Sunday.
  • Sometimes they lengthen themselves against the sandy shore on the far side of the bay into a golden river.
  • The professor did everything he could to lengthen the hours of sleep, and therefore of forgetfulness.
  • They only lengthen somewhat the accent of the last syllable in the latter sense, and say nagtitimava.
  • Stern necessity often compelled us to lengthen our day's work even beyond our desires.
  • To lengthen them they must be slipped while a rein is in each hand, turning the two fore fingers towards you.
  • If you have an ordinary boat, and wish to make it of greater burden, saw it in half and lengthen it.
  • Let him not regret if this shortens his book; it will be better so; for to add irrelevant matter is not to lengthen but to bury.
  • The reaches are from four to seven miles in length, but these, too, are to lengthen in the middle waters.
  • And then when the shadows lengthen and the twilight hushes the hum of toil, our spirits shall know no weariness and bear no stain.
  • If we lengthen the base line from ten inches to all the miles we can command, of course the point of meeting will be proportionally more distant.
  • Life had to be gone through, and Dolly was not one to lengthen the distance between the miles with useless repinings.
  • It occurred to his mind he could lengthen his strands, drop himself off the ladder-end, and swim to the edge of the cave.
  • In the first place, in order to learn what we may do to lengthen the span of life we must learn something of the nature of disease.
  • We lengthen our breakfasts and dinners, go to sleep early and get up late, but a lazaretto is a dull place after all.
  • Unfortunately, at the beginning of the seventeenth century, Maderno was employed to lengthen the nave.
  • Dashed about by the seas, he yet managed to keep to the surface; minutes seemed to lengthen into eternity; many times he called out loudly.
  • If the thread shortened above the second joint of the middle finger there was little hope of recovery; should it lengthen that was a sign of recovery.
  • He was going to leave with the Captain-General, who cared in no way to lengthen his stay, fearful of what people would say.
  • His confidence lay chiefly in the powerful animal that he rode, and he saw the distance between him and the four men lengthen from a hundred to two hundred yards.
  • There are few shades of olive and rose, few textures of silk and velvet that are not duplicated as the catkins lengthen and dance like chenille fringe from every twig.
  • John, brush off the bench and let us sit here and watch the shadows lengthen and fade and the coming darkness add zest and brilliance to the full moon.
  • Is it not here, if ever there was such a case, where the taste of bread is a taste of misery, and where to feed and prolong life is to feed and lengthen our sorrow?

Definition of Lengthen

(transitive) To make longer, to extend the length of. | (intransitive) To become longer.
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