Lenient In A Sentence

How To Use Lenient In A Sentence?

  • We shall be the more lenient when we discover how soon they were improved upon.
  • Even then she demanded lenient and honourable terms as though mistress of the situation.
  • In the present case the very difficulty of the quest claims a lenient judgment.
  • Under all the circumstances, however, the court was inclined to be lenient to the defendant.
  • For when literature had to be judged, who could be so grim a critic as this usually lenient toper?
  • God was far more lenient even with the unrepentant Cain than were his fellow men.
  • The Court is thus lenient owing to this being the first case of the kind brought before it.
  • According to the lenient German count, he had scored 43 victories up to the time of his death.
  • Yes, I know you tell your mother everything, but mothers are much more lenient than fathers.
  • Out of respect for the just and lenient Sovereign, his mother, you did honor to the Prince.
  • Remembering my own singular impressions, I felt more lenient than I might otherwise have done.
  • No one could be more lenient in her judgments of those whom she saw to be living in this light.
  • This remains the most probable, as it is the most lenient interpretation to which his strange policy is open.
  • Men cannot easily pardon jealousy in their wives; but women are more lenient towards their husbands.
  • Otherwise, his exceeding modesty and reverent comprehension of the difficulties of the art made him the most lenient of critics.
  • Beatrice was like most indulged and superfluously rich women, both unreasonable and foolishly lenient in her demands.
  • In a situation so delicate and important the lenient and persuasive measures which you adopted merit and receive our affectionate approbation.
  • An audience usually is, and should be, very lenient with anyone who has obviously labored hard for its benefit.
  • Besides, his exploits took place such a long time ago that they felt ready to be lenient towards him.
  • No one would be more lenient to a little harmless flirtation which was never meant to lead anywhere than my good mother.
  • But the Government was far more lenient to the trading class than the trader was to the poor debtor.
  • Where this could not be done, assessors were lenient and usually assessed mill property at much less than its real value.
  • The national outcry was too strong to be disregarded, nor is it probable that the Admiralty took a more lenient view of the matter.
  • His two relations submitted, and were subsequently pardoned by the Khalifa, who is always more lenient to his own tribesmen than to others.
  • From the first she had distrusted Mrs. Botts and felt that police had been entirely too lenient with her.
  • I say to you, as I've said openly all along, nothing can be more lenient than the executive!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lenient | Lenient Sentence

  • I understand they are very lenient about improvements.
  • It is too lenient for his stubborn opposition.
  • I wished to be lenient with her, I said.
  • I have been very lenient with you, Edwards, very.
  • Philip was clever enough to be more lenient than appeared at first.
  • She finds some fault with one of her teachers for being too lenient with her.
  • Hunt could not feel as lenient now toward these escapades as he once had.
  • She laid a lenient tax upon the neighbors and the town below.
  • The laws on adultery are rather more lenient to the woman than to the man.
  • Shall we become by habit more lenient to vice, and less averse to its shame?
  • Perhaps I may be so lenient as to allow you to die together.
  • Others, less lenient in their views, had obtained quite different details.
  • I could not, however, extend that lenient judgment to Miss Metford.
  • He won't be lenient to us any more than he has been lenient to others.

Definition of Lenient

Lax; not strict; tolerant of dissent or deviation | (medicine) A lenitive; an emollient.
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