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  • This belief may be explained by the fact that Leon was, as a child, ardently religious.
  • The fire was dying out in the cinders; the teapot was empty, Leon was still reading.
  • Apparently he had almost talked León into using Shiloh as bait in this fool stunt.
  • Theirs to succeed; poor Leon found life too hard, and was dead when still far from his prime.
  • Poor Leon Czolgosz, your crime consisted of too sensitive a social consciousness.
  • Hesse was shot through the body, and has since died, and Count Leon was not hurt.
  • The inquiries would not put Monsieur Leon out, since he went to town almost every week.
  • Drew watched León hurry to take the buckboard reins, watched Hunt Rennie give a hand to Johnny.
  • And congratulating himself at having surmounted the difficulty, Leon watched her face out of the corner of his eyes.
  • It was in this yellow carriage that Leon had so often come back to her, and by this route down there that he had gone for ever.
  • She would have liked Leon to guess it, and she imagined chances, catastrophes that should facilitate this.
  • SEE Richardson, Leon B. A laboratory manual of general chemistry.
  • One evening on coming home Leon found in his room a rug in velvet and wool with leaves on a pale ground.
  • When Leon occasionally felt the sole of his boot resting on it, he drew back as if he had trodden upon some one.
  • At this moment Monsieur Leon came out from a neighbouring door with a bundle of papers under his arm.
  • While she was considering him thus, tasting in her irritation a sort of depraved pleasure, Leon made a step forward.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Leon | Leon Sentence

  • Or for some reason had he wanted León to spill this?
  • Illustrated by Leon Gregori.
  • To his joy, Lawrence found Leon improving.
  • The Count St. Leon was the winner.
  • W. 235 Leon to Rialejo N.
  • Lujan Ponce de Leon became Governor in 1691.
  • Paul Jovi a écrit une vie de Léon X.
  • The year after that, Ponce de Leon had visited Florida.
  • Edited by Leon Parmentier and M. Bidez.
  • SEE Richardson, Leon B.
  • SEE Richardson, Leon Burr.
  • By Leon I. Feuer & Azriel Eisenberg.
  • Ruth Hope Leon (A); 13Nov68; R448369.
  • Lawrence found Leon Laselle had nearly recovered from his wound.
  • In vain did a lying press repudiate Leon Czolgosz as a foreigner.
  • Illustrated by Leon D'Emo.
  • Twice a day Leon went from his office to the Lion d'Or.
  • They found the English had already taken Leon and burnt Realegua.
  • Ce concordat fut signé le 18 juin 1827, sous le pontificat du pape Léon XII.
  • M. LEON SOMZEE: Bart.
  • FEUER, LEON I. Jewish literature since the Bible.
  • Illustrated by Leon D'Emo, E. D. Weldon & others.
  • But Leon hastily took some silver from his pocket and seized Emma's arm.
  • For more complete information see Leon Gautier's seventh edition of the text.

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