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Definition of Less

(now archaic except with numbers) comparative form of little: more little; smaller, lesser. [from 11th c.] | comparative form of little: more little: a smaller amount (of); not as much. [from 14th c.] | (sometimes proscribed) comparative form of few: more few: fewer; a smaller number of. [from 9th c.]

How To Use Less In A Sentence?

  • None of them proved satisfactory to my parents, and they were even less so to me.
  • It was a trim little town with a normal population of less than three thousand souls.
  • I could catch her tones through the wall, and she returned in less than a minute.
  • The imputation of sin not consistent with human, much less with the divine goodness.
  • The imputation of sin not consistent with human, much less with the divine goodness.
  • The ground was growing rougher; it was broken up into hillocks, and his progress was less rapid.
  • Scarcely less impossible is it to persuade the mounted Hungarians to fight on foot.
  • The room was filled with knick-knacks, and here were the pug-dogs, no less than three of them!
  • He must, at least, be so written, in that his whims, no less than his laws, were unalterable.
  • Where he had learnt his peculiar courtesy and helpfulness with those under his charge was less obvious.
  • In the preceding winter there had been deaths more or less frequent from such ills as flesh is heir to.
  • But if he had a disposition to love most those things that were inferior and less worthy, then his dispositions were vicious.
  • I cried, less in ecstasy at the sum of the story than at my own consciousness of having anticipated its conclusion.
  • How far we have succeeded in this attempt, no less arduous than laudable, it is not for us to determine.
  • To be very ill is not pleasant; but the slow process of getting back strength is often less pleasant still.
  • Round this are built tiers upon tiers of small shrines; each tier contains one less shrine than the tier below it.
  • The mule we know, and the donkey we know, and the cooli was more or less of the same species as ourselves; but the yak was a novelty.
  • Hence if the doctrine of this discourse limits the omnipotence of God, no less can be said of that to which it is opposed.
  • It would exhaust thought no less than words to describe the aspect of music, thus revealed, thus presented.
  • His pain expressed itself less vehemently than Julia's; but for all that his mind ached.
  • Let us look at it closely, and mark its characteristic well, being careful to see neither more nor less than is presented by the phenomenon itself.
  • It took Frank less than three minutes to reach the spot where a light cable held the launch against the pier.
  • It arises, not from any imperfection in the work of God, but from that without which it would have been infinitely less than perfect.
  • Impossible to find a room where he could live more cheaply than in the one he had got, and it is not easy to dine in London on less than ninepence.
  • Several hundred gentlemen had met together in Selyk at his bidding, a thing he had never expected, still less desired.
  • This point, no less than the former, the Socinian endeavours to establish by means of analogies drawn from the ordinary transactions of life.
  • Pleasant people, thought I, these must be, with whom such a line is advisable, much less practicable.
  • Indeed, the idea that a human being can merit anything, much less eternal life, of God, is preposterous in the extreme.
  • When relations with the Tibetans had become less strained, we used to go in organised parties to visit the bazaar in Lhassa city itself.
  • In the prosecution of this inquiry, we have appeared to ourselves to find, that this boasted scheme of necessity is neither more nor less than one grand tissue of sophisms.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Less | Less Sentence

  • To them he was but little less than a god.
  • She went on less gayly.
  • Alone with his wife, he was something less than a man.
  • It prevails to a greater or less extent in all denominations.
  • He required so much less than the average amount of explanation.
  • Even the torture of thirst had grown less since hope had come to him.
  • The ceremony will be over all the quicker, and will cost less trouble.
  • The track was far less clearly marked here, and often difficult to follow.
  • The latter sentence is less direct, less bold, and less concise.
  • But it was much less easy to devise punishments that would reform Clara.

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