Lethargic In A Sentence

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  • I enquired politely of the lethargic juffrouw.
  • About noon they all seemed to wake up from their lethargic state.
  • The child had sunk into a dull lethargic state never to be broken.
  • We had grown too spiritless and lethargic to dig tunnels or plan escapes.

How To Use Lethargic In A Sentence?

  • Now she was prepared to sit by him and wait with a lethargic patience beyond which was nothing.
  • From time to time he uttered a feeble sigh, and then relapsed into a lethargic torpor.
  • Cicely was in her lethargic state, her hands lying motionless by her sides, her eyes closed.
  • Probably, in the struggle for existence, he lost more by being lethargic than he gained by being clairvoyant!
  • To do this, he invented an intricate, complicated series of tricks on the bars, calculated to stir up the most lethargic members of the audience.
  • The old gentleman is leaning wearily back in his corner of the cab; a strange, stunned, lethargic feeling seems to have come over him.
  • The lethargic summer had given way to a boisterous autumn of cold, gray weather, driving rains, and hollow gales.
  • A lethargic feeling crept over me; my thoughts wandered; I never spoke nor stirred till she pulled my sleeve violently.
  • At such a time, I fear, one sometimes falls back on rather low and sordid motives to act as a spur to the lethargic will.
  • In the meanwhile the lad felt his limbs grow stiff and almost useless, and a lethargic numbness blunt the keenness of his faculties as the heat went out of him.
  • His tastes are for racing and shooting, but from sheer patriotism he has devoted himself to politics with all the energy of his lethargic manner, which successfully conceals abnormal common-sense.

Definition of Lethargic

sluggish, slow | indifferent, apathetic
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