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  • A soothing lethargy crept over him.
  • A restful lethargy of kindness was creeping over him.
  • But a strange lethargy held him fastbound.
  • King brought himself out of the strange lethargy with a jerk.
  • Shake off the lethargy that worship has brought upon the soul.
  • The extreme heat produced a lethargy that was depressing in the extreme.
  • The old lethargy closed in on her and she lay motionless and hopeless.
  • Carmichael lay with his eyes closed in a kind of lethargy or paralysis.
  • Next morning they shook off their lethargy and went seal-hunting.
  • A brutal lethargy is peaceable, the noisome grave is peaceable.

How To Use Lethargy In A Sentence?

  • Courant had fallen into a state of lethargy from which it was hard to rouse him.
  • The lethargy which would have been fatal but for the timely rescue had overcome them.
  • They had viewed the arrival of the stage with the dull lethargy of the hopelessly stranded.
  • He had not moved in his seat, and there was a lethargy and a dullness in his voice and eyes.
  • Comanche was in the lethargy of dissolution; its tents were in the shadow of the approaching end.
  • It is the only thing that moves us out of our cowardly lethargy of dead-and-alive egotism.
  • In that restful attitude a lethargy came upon him, and he day-dreamed about poker.
  • She bore through it without change in her habits, and in time the strange lethargy passed.
  • The lethargy lasted several days, and then the king gave signs of returning life.
  • It was Ma who roused first from the general lethargy in which we were all steeped.
  • The lethargy into which he was sunk seemed scarcely interrupted by my feeling his hand and his forehead.
  • No wonder that he cried to her in a voice which roused even the servants from their lethargy of fear.
  • She tried in vain to rouse herself from the lethargy into which she had fallen, to cast off the spell.
  • With an effort she shook off the lethargy that was numbing her faculties, and stole away into the wold.
  • Only in the world's last lethargy can such things be done, and accounted safe and pious!
  • Nevertheless, he merely grunted and relapsed again into the form of meditative lethargy which of late had grown habitual if not popular with him.
  • Now, thank heaven, they are rousing out of the lethargy that has been their inheritance and their brains are getting to work.
  • After a week of silent despondency the father roused himself to some extent from the lethargy into which he had fallen, and returned to his trail.
  • He fell into his lethargy again, and when they waked him, he said he did not know whether he could call himself obliged to them.
  • He took her in his arms and she lay there very quietly, her head upon his shoulder, in the lethargy of exhaustion.
  • A revolving wheel would set him to dreaming, and still him to that lethargy of mind which is an involuntary sharing in the things that are.
  • She lay wide-awake all the night through, her mind trying to work its way through the lethargy of shock it had received.
  • Slowly his mind awoke from its lethargy and then he began to remember as a dim, uncertain dream, his experience of the night before.
  • As a consequence, his system is rapidly falling to zero, and now he lives in a kind of lethargy which is half a waking slumber.
  • The madness of the night before, the fear and disgust of the afternoon gave way, slowly, to a lethargy of exhaustion.
  • While the two were thus glaring at each other, Dan was startled and thoroughly aroused from his irresistible lethargy by a loud report.
  • He was roused from his lethargy by a soft kick, and, starting up, he found the woman who fed him the day before beside him offering him food again.
  • By a change scarcely perceptible to us, Juliet passed from the lethargy of exhausted life to deeper and more solemn repose.
  • It had to end some time, and end it did; and when the end came all the Isthmus lapsed into a slough of despond and lethargy of inertia.
  • The German mind had been grandly roused from the long lethargy of the dark ages of ignorance, fear, and faith.

Definition of Lethargy

(pathology) A condition characterized by extreme fatigue or drowsiness, or prolonged sleep patterns. [from 14th c.] | A state of extreme torpor or apathy, especially with lack of emotion or interest; loosely, sluggishness, laziness. [from 14th c.]
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