Letters From In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Letters From | Letters From Sentence

  • Letters from you to her.
  • Maurice had no more letters from her.
  • Have you brought no letters from him?
  • I had numerous letters from him.
  • She confessed to me that she had had letters from him.
  • Letters from home came occasionally.
  • You will not receive many more letters from me.
  • More letters from these newspaper people!
  • I shall lose all my letters from you.
  • Harry had received no letters from home.
  • Of course there were letters from home.
  • I have letters from my father which should be sufficient.
  • We shall want letters from you.
  • I have pretty good letters from home.
  • I have been without letters from you for two days.
  • Harry received several letters from his father.
  • I took out the two letters from my father.
  • Letters from that country rarely came his way.
  • He had brought papers and a couple of letters from town.
  • Grace saw her separate two letters from the pile.
  • Letters from the West.
  • Fancy a gal getting love-letters from a thing like that!
  • Letters from Jupiter.
  • Leaves cut from green paper, and letters from gilt.
  • Dear ones at home; letters from contraband camps.
  • He brought us a note from her, and letters from home.
  • I have had letters from England.
  • Letters from Paris announce that all is confusion.
  • I have had frequent letters from Wm.
  • It supposes letters from Mdlle.
  • I bear letters from the King.
  • Meanwhile there were pleasant letters from Leila.
  • Letters from Secretary awaiting answers.
  • Gallardo no longer received letters from Seville.
  • Letters from Secretary arranged according to number.

How To Use Letters From In A Sentence?

  • We have three letters from the late Hon.
  • She had received three letters from William.
  • His letters from Cairo are full of interest.
  • Private letters from Barcelona do not mince the matter.
  • Your letters from Spain often spoke of him.
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