Letting in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Letting

1. Why did the witches quarrel about letting him sleep here? 🔊

2. Why did you come down without letting me know? 🔊

3. Who persuaded them into letting him see if he could drive? 🔊

4. Frost sprang to his feet, letting out a volley of oaths. 🔊

5. In my home we never think of letting flowers remain without water. 🔊

6. Besides, by my hastiness, I was letting the thread slip through my fingers. 🔊

How to use Letting in Sentences?

1. The most important thing was to avoid letting a bunch of them ride up on us unheralded. 🔊

2. He sifted the coarse gold between his fingers, letting it fall back into the pan. 🔊

3. They take up the mirror the whole time, and never think of letting you see yourself. 🔊

4. Boy was running around, letting guests into the house and serving others with refreshments. 🔊

5. Nothing but misery, distress, and temptation could come of not letting things alone. 🔊

6. King gave him twenty minutes start, letting his men rest their legs and exercise their tongues. 🔊

7. An old woman opened it, but, before letting us in, fixed the price we were to pay. 🔊

8. He stood at last with folded arms on the summit letting it sing past him, and gazing about him in vague delight. 🔊