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  • Old levels worked out.
  • To higher levels rise.
  • As we to higher levels rise.
  • Ptarmigan were seen on the lower levels where the ground was bare.
  • In even his lowest levels man experiences this dissatisfaction.
  • All the time the endless motion in the swarming levels above went on.
  • The road that grandeur levels for his coach, toil can travel in his cart.
  • On the higher levels millet and maize (corn) are the staple foods.

How To Use Levels In A Sentence?

  • We discover in it three out of the many levels of excellence in which he moves.
  • There is a rise and fall in the river between summer and winter levels of nearly sixty feet.
  • They were at different stages of development, and also at different levels of corruption.
  • I must seek shelter, and I would find it on the levels rather than on the exposed heights.
  • Answering our eager signals, General Carr comes hurriedly up the slope and levels his glass.
  • My limited observations on this anole suggest that it is an inhabitant of the upper levels of the forest.
  • Zooming in on one small section revealed details and textures reflective of those on other levels of magnification.
  • The levels of the two liquids are then brought to the zero marks of the burettes by means of the stopcocks.
  • It levels in the dust the barriers erected by the common law for the protection of personal liberty.
  • Charley helped with the surveying and learned much about levels and grades and the theory of road making.
  • Impressed and fully satisfied with what they saw, they made their way back to the upper levels of the mountain.
  • The restless, never-ceasing weaving of the countless tentacles in the levels above made the scene a nightmare.
  • It is also noted that a difference in the levels has occurred, and that the liquid in the tube now rises to a considerable height.
  • But mostly the thick stand of young poles had been laid low even as a scythe levels a field of grain.
  • He'll read the manual, if necessary, then move through the various levels of the game.
  • And yet her reason for rejecting this extremely satisfactory youth was sound enough, their intellectual levels were such miles apart.
  • The flooded-gum grew in groups on the spaces subject to inundation, but not on the levels above the influence of any ordinary rise of the stream.
  • His heart had beat inside that coat, and his brain had worked under that hat at levels of thought she would never reach.
  • Being cold blooded they control their body temperature by seeking shady, sunny spots or different levels in water.
  • Meanwhile they galloped along without difficulty over the low levels and gentle declivities that lead down to the Senegal.
  • Mating is normally always first on the higher levels of personalities; it first calls itself friendship, nor does it think farther.
  • Then they turned off from the road and began a long winding climb up into the higher levels of the Racquette country.
  • Our escort was mounted within a few minutes, and we were in full gallop over the fruitful levels of Champagne.
  • Grace sat on a lichened boulder with the sunlight upon her, gazing down across the levels of Lancashire.
  • That lovely valley had many stone and mud buildings, in rows on the different levels of ground that at one time served as agricultural land.
  • The sandy levels of the desert swept to the very foot of the mountain, and Dick had fenced in about twenty-five acres.
  • He reached another landing, as nearly as he could judge by the steps he had taken, almost over the crypt, three levels below.
  • Here and there in the various levels of drifting, motionless brown bodies that he thought the explosion had killed, one was stirring, awakening!
  • Poor fellow, he had been born and reared in the grassy levels of the Kandersteg valley and had never seen anything like this hideous place before.
  • Thinking on two levels at once, while not impossible, required a nicety of control that made wire-walking over Niagara look easy.
  • I am in favor of low levels and slowness in political change; I dislike these social overturns to which ambitious minds subject us.
  • Yes, there she was, in the very loveliest nook, the stone wall at her back, and in front nice sandy levels for books and papers and writing-pad.

Definition of Levels

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of level | plural of level
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